1948 Gandhi Max Card sold for $5100 - Gandhi Philately is false hope of Riches - Part - VI ?

Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

In March I saw Gandhi Max card from Yorkville, NY by "wiwauctions" which was sold for $5105 with 51 bids.!!! This is one of the most expensive 1948 Gandhi stamps Max card sold on ebay.

Do you think this is really worth $5105!! or it's false hopes of riches.?

Do you think there is inflation or bubble in 1948 Gandhi Philatelic material to glorified 1948 Gandhi Stamps to be RARE/UNIQUE ?

Do you think 1948 Gandhi Stamps and FDC are RED HOT or it's artificially made RED?

Please read my other blog post about False hope of Riches to understand what's going on in Gandhi Stamps and Philatelic materials.(FDC and Used Private FDC and Covers)

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I am little bit suspicious about current pricing trend and it's bidders habit about purchase price so I thought let me make sure everyone also understand and in future it might help to new collectors who will know what was price paid in 2012.!!

Following are four top bidders including winner who bidded from $1500 - $5100.

Winner :       (d***i 189)  "hitlerandgandhi"
2nd  bidder : (w***h 347) tsashwin 
3rd  bidder :  (i***i 357)
4th bidder :  (h***t 1689) posthost aka "philametrics" 


Currently there is one more available for $4999.99 Click above link if you want to purchase it. I think 2nd bidder will buy this as he bidded $5100.!! so for him it's getting cheaper by $100.!!

You might be thinking how I know bidders even though ebay try to hide them so there is no spamming activity to real bidders and other bidders.

Also they will make sure it looks like lot of interest in this kind of philatelic material by showing OFFERS.!!

Here 3 eBay id  shown interest in buying it, but this are also BOGUS offers which will make you think it's really worth it.

 k***_(1534) ---> Kad_ss

What I learned in 3 years that in order to be a collector you need to be first know who are your competitor.!! (real one and also fake one.!!) and I see some bidder all the time with same id or after changing id. Some are active all the time and some are taking break!! with different id, but they will come back after changing id and you will see them in each other feedback.!!

Following are some of the expensive purchases in March 2012 by Gandhi Collectors in March which I lost all of them because I am a collector and I don't have this kind of money and even if I have I will not buy it as it is not valued $5105.!!

But there are some like "hitlerandgandhi" , "blue_guy_1234", "philapragya24", "tsashwin" will buy it because they think Gandhi Philately is way to invest or not sure all this are Genuine transaction.!! Click following screenshot to enlarge and see behind the game scene.!!

But who cares it's good for everyone.

1) eBay/PayPal gets commission so employment is secure for employee (which will imporve local economy as well as US & State will get fedral and state taxes.)
2) eBay/PayPal shareholders value will also increase because of this kind of expensive Gandhi Stamps and Philately material will increase there comission.
3) USA (any other country) State and Fedral Government will get tax from income tax  from shareholder who will pay capital gain tax and SELLER as well as he/she will pay income tax on this kind of profit by selling it.

Do you really think it's helping anyone? (i.e buyer/collector really paid $5105 for this transaction?)

Gandhi Stamps Club.

Disclosure :
  • I have eBay shares in my retirement account and don't intend to buy or sell in 72 hours.
  • I am not recommending to buy or sell eBay shares. This is my personal opinion, which I don't recommend anyone to make judgement by reading this as this might be not true as I am not completely aware whether buyer paid or return this item, seller refunded etc.!!
  • I am not financial analyst or stock broker or don't work for any financial instituted.
  • I don't work for eBay.

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