INDIA STAMP FIRST AERIAL POST 1911 ALLAHABAD : Indian Philately Exposed - Part IV

Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

In my previous blog post I compared 1948 Gandhi Philately FAKE  cancellation (Forgery cancel) with India's 1911 First Aerial Post FAKE cancellation from Allahabad U.P.Exhibition. You can read my blog post by clicking following link.

In this blog post I am going to compare India's 1948 Gandhi SERVICE Overprint stamp on piece of paper with Governor General Cancellation with 1911 First Aerial Post cancellation on piece of paper.

Do you think following images are philatelic material or "Piece of Paper"?

Reason I think it's "Piece of Paper" because 

1) Who in the world will cut such a valuable philatelic material.!! They will keep everything intact on envelope/cover otherwise they will not get this kind of material.
2) Don't you think philatelic hobby is for intelligent people.!!(and they will not cut such material!!). Only few  philatelist will take effort or will have knowledge about event and they will make this specially for themselves or friends so chances of going to general collector are very less.
3) Even they cut it then they will make sure they will not cut part of cancellation.!! In this case they cut cancellation which make value less.!!
4) If collector don't understand value of philatelic material or just regular stamp collectors then they will cut piece of paper but it will just used stamp only not on paper. (after removing piece of paper by putting it in water.)
5) As I mentioned in my previous blog post that this cancellation (Rubber Stamp) is very easy to make and apply on any piece of paper or old unused postcard or even on used cover.!!
6) It's 101 years old!! Make sure about quality of INK, PAPER, WEATHER EFFECTS etc.!! and even after 2 world wars and fighting for Independence of India against British.
7) In my previous blog post I mentioned about FAKE Forgery cancellation is widely available with different ink so chances of Genuine cancellation can be affected.!!

Don't you agree with me for all of the above !!

After looking to all the above point I think it's a just PIECE OF PAPER not to be consider as RARE or UNIQUE philatelic material.!!

Now after comparing Gandhi SERVICE stamps and First Aerial Post don't you think similarity between two.!!

Please read following series of my blog post  to understand what is going on 1948 Gandhi India stamps and compare this with your Indian thematic philately material.

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As you read above blog posts don't you think that FAKE/FORGERY Cancellation is a way for Gandhi Philately including 1948 Gandhi Stamps from India.!! along with highly inflated price and not buying it (not paying it).

Even after 101+ years you will find lot of 1911 FIRST AERIAL POST cancellation from Allahabad. So it's not RARE.!!!

After looking above screenshot does it makes sense about quantity available in today's market.? But my guess is your guess.!!

So please beware when you buy any Indian Philately material. Looks like all things which happens in Gandhi Philately is happening in all thematic philately related to India such as British India stamps, Queen Victoria stamps , Indian States stamps, First Aerial Posts stamps and ...........!!!!!!!

Ketankumar Patel.

BTW: Following are screenshot from eBay which shows how it is selling on eBay and does PRICE makes sense.

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