Cameroun Gandhi Stamps and Overprint sheet with Martin Luther King and Kennedy stamp value : Don't think overprint stamps as ERROR, it is done with purpose ?

As you all know Cameroun 1968 Gandhi stamps has wide variety( just to make money!!), but I think value of this Cameroun Stamps is going down very fast.

I will never buy this stamp/sheet because OVERPRINT was done with purpose and that purpose is nothing but to make money.!!

Look at following screenshot, you will be surprised that this triptych stamps of Gandhi was sold only for under $5.!! (This stamp is selling on ebay india for 10500 Rupees.!!)

Cameroun  also has Gandhi Overprint stamp sheet with Martin Luther King and Kennedy's.  I am not sure why they want to do overprinting of this stamp in very large quantity.!!  Don't think this as ERROR stamps. It's a delibrate act to make money.!! by selling it to multiple thematic collectors like Gandhi, MLK, Kennedy's, Space, Moon, Error etc. All other thematic collection is declining very fast except Gandhi collection which is also declining but lesser compare to others.

Following screen shot has 2 types/version of Overprint sheets.(useless sheets.!!), which was sold for $34. Amazing is the philately world where you get money on Error. In regular world you don't buy with little error or mistake or buy it for discounted price,  but in philately it's different!! and you pay premium for error, misprint, overprint etc.

This 2 sheets are selling on ebay india for 5000 and 8000 Rupees, Does this makes sense if you compare with following price of $34 which is 1800 Rupees for both sheet.!!!!!!!!!!

So before you add this in your collection please make sure you don't pay high price because multiple thematic bidders will be buying it and also lot of  cheaters are trying to increase value.

Following screenshot is from ebay India on which it is selling for 5-20 times of recent selling price.!!! One of the reason of this high price is to trick new collectors that this is the price of stamps and when new collector see it at lower price then they will buy it.!!!! But new collectors might be cheated as this stamps might be not worth that much.

Again thanks for reading and  Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

Ketankumar Patel.

Update on 12/24/11:- 3 triptych of Gandhi, MLK and Kennedy's were sold only for $5.42.!!!

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