Gandhi Stamps Huge quantity of Somalia Gandhi FDC. Do you think Gandhi stamps and Philatelic material is RARE.!!

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

In my previous blog I had mentioned about huge quantity of Gandhi stamps and philatelic material is available on ebay, so this kind of blog post will help future new Gandhi collector.

I am trying to aware new collectors about kind of activity happened in past and depending on that they can prepare themselves when buying Gandhi FDC and not pay too much thinking it's  RARE and they don't get cheated by paying high price for philatelic material. (It happened to me.!!)

In last 15 days there were Sixty (60) Somalia 1969 Gandhi FDC with 3 stamps were sold.!!! It's amazing that after 42 years we can see this many FDC available in big lots.!!

All this FDC will be sold in future, but it's upto us what kind of price they need to pay.

This FDC's were sold by "city-collectables" from poland.!! Following is the screen shot and all of the bought by "www_stampsfromindia_com"

Following screenshot display who is the winner(high bidder) of Somalia FDC.! and  all of them were bought by "www_stampsfromindia_com"

If you want to know other huge quantity sold in past then click following blog post.

5) 1969 Gandhi Germany stamp and FDC

So everyone please make sure before you buy Gandhi stamps and FDC because there are lot out there. Don't think it's RARE.!!

Want to know more about Somalia Gandhi Stamps and FDC then please click following link which will take to through all blog posts related to Somalia.


Again thanks for reading and  please share your thoughts in the comments section.

Ketankumar Patel.

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