Gandhi FDC from United Kingdom : One of a Kind with Error date

Hello Gandhi Stamp Collectors,

In 1969 more than 20+ countries honored Mahatma Gandhi by issuing stamp of him to celebrate Gandhi birth centenary.

United Kingdom (England , Great Britain) also issued stamp on 13 August 1969 to celebrate this event. This stamp won Gold Medal in 1970 for best Gandhi Stamp. This stamp is very simple in design with Indian flag in background designed by Biman Mullick.

Recently I bought Gandhi FDC with error.!! This FDC has date of 13 July 1969 instead of August. In my 3+ years of collection I have not seen First Date Cancellation  error from Great Britain.

Following FDC is with ERROR date first day of issue.

Following FDC is with correct date of first day of issue.

If anyone has error first day of issue then please let me know so we can have good database for this kind of FDC.

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Again thanks for reading and  please share your thoughts in the comments section.

Ketankumar Patel.
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  1. You have noticed very well..It is a subject of study for all Gandhi collectors !!



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