You are WITNESSING "The Greatest Stamp Collection SCANDAL" ?

It happen again to eBay seller "buyersellers-australia".!!  Buyer did not paid to him/her $742.!!

Because of buyer eBay shareholders will be big time loser, as seller used all eBay infrastructure (server, storage, network, application) and did not have to pay commission to eBay, so cost of all that infrastructure usage will be on eBay shareholders. (Disclosure : I am eBay shareholder).

This time it's non paying buyer is not "echobangla" as mentioned by seller, but it's eBay id s***o(private), but seller mentioned "echobangla"!! instead of correct identity.!! (Looks like a CARTEL of non paying buyer.!!)

In previous blog post I mentioned that "echobangla" increased price of  Gandhi Philatelic material and did not paid to him. (click following link to read so you can understand SCANDAL.!!)


How to Increase your stamp collection value.!!

This time buyer did not paid to 1948 Gandhi private FDC (without special cancellation and official cachet cover from Post & Telegraph department of India.) and it's again for sell starting at $750.!!

Following is screenshot of current listing and description. But my question is it really worth $750.!! You cannot price item were price was increased by non paying buyer.

I will not even pay $75 for this private (without official cover and cancellation) FDC.!! Yes not even 1/10 th of asking price.!!

On Ocotber 27th following was sold to s***0(private).!!

Looks like all eBay bidders are just increasing the price, without intention of buying it.!!

It's also common practice to send "SECOND OFFER" after increasing the price.!! Read following blog post to understand it.

Postal History : Cheating in Indian stamp collection ?

Don't you think it's a very HEAVY PUSH to increase price of Gandhi Philatelic material even though chances of forgery in philatelic material is very high.

We had seen lot of 1948 Gandhi stamps philatelic material for sale on eBay, Delcampe and other auction houses. But to me 95% are FORGERY or BOGUS (never exist).!!

But because of false glorification of Gandhi stamps as INVESTMENT, by exhibiting online or false propaganda on financial blogs, philatelic website, stamps forum, stamp boards etc collectors/dealers comes up with new idea.!!

It's not only just false propaganda, but also increasing price by SHILL bidding in order to make sure Gandhi stamp value is increasing so new collectors are attracted and also Investment bankers can prove appreciation on stamps.!!

But to me it looks like Gandhi stamps collection is DEAD, because all their ILLEGAL activity is exposed and collector are aware of their tricks.!!

Reason for this 

1) Forgery stamps (replica or facsimile) might be used
3) Why someone will get just regular cancellation(rubber stamp) cover instead of special cancellation (Jai Hind cancellation issued for this particular stamp for first day of issue)
4) Does not make sense to reach stamps on each and every post office in India on Sunday, because it's not opened as well as  August 15, 1948,  as people might be busy in celebrating first anniversary of their Independence after 200+ years from British rule. (Hasting post office might be closed on Sunday.!!)

But what I notice is that GANDHI stamp collectors are INVOLVED in other stamp collection SCANDAL as well.!! ? Whether it's a China Stamp Collection or British India stamps collection, Gandhi Stamps Collectors/dealers are doing all kind of activities.!! Click following link to read about it.!!

Don't you think you are witnessing  "The Greatest  Stamp Collection SCANDAL" ?

Gandhi Stamps Club

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