Mexico Stamps

Hello Gandhi stamp collectors,

As you all know that stamp collection hobby is in rapid decline and following Mexico stamps is the one more example of it.

Recently I saw Mexico stamps of Mahatma Gandhi issued in 1969 sold for $1 for block of 4 stamps.

This block of 4 stamps from Mexico of Gandhi was on sale for 2-3 days and no one was interested to buy it.!! Don't know why no buyer for 2-3 days even though it was for $1.

Read my following blog post to understand about stamp collection in DECLINE.!!

1) A Hobby in Decline : 1948 Gandhi USED cover case study.!!
2) A Hobby in Decline.!! - Part-2
3) How to invest when philately price is dropping.

If you see stamps are not even selling or selling like 5-10 times lower their value than mentioned in catalog.!!

I was going to buy it, but decided why to invest in STAMPS.!!

So I postponed my purchase.!!

Following screenshot will show you that I was ready to buy it, but I skipped and let other investor to invest in this.!!

This is the case in every country stamps of Gandhi. Whether it's Ireland, Great Britain, Yemen etc.

1) Malta stamp selling for 40 cents.
2) Cannot go wrong in Ireland stamps. Sold for 1 cents ( set of 2 stamps)
3) Somalia stamps sold for $3 (set of 3 stamps). Lot of cheating happens when buying this stamps.
4) YEMEN stamps sold for $2, but SHILL BIDDING is happening lot.!!
5) Venezuela stamps for 75 cents.

So Be aware of stamp collecting.

Gandhi stamps club.

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