Somalia Gandhi Stamp - This stamps does not deserve high price.!!

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

In 1969 Somalia honored Mahatma Gandhi by issuing 3 stamps. Somalia was the only country to issue 3 stamps in 1969 even though more than 20 countries issued stamp of Mahatma Gandhi in 1969 to celebrate 100th Anniversary of birth (1869 -1969). (India issued 4 stamps + 3 Postcards.) & Mauritius issued 6 stamps.!!

All 3 stamps are very nicely design and one of them also have dove (symbol of peace) in it. But there is no peace since 1991, Civil War broke out and  no central government has controlled the entirety of the country, despite several attempts to establish a unified central government.

What I noticed in my last 3 years, 1969 Somalia stamp is one of the most volatile Gandhi stamp. I think reason for this volatile in Somalia Gandhi stamp is one of the dealer has  large quantity of this stamps and you will be lucky if you get it at cheap price because he will make sure it goes to certain price. !!!

Please read my other blog post related to Somalia Gandhi stamps to understand what's going in Gandhi stamps and philatelic material. 

Recently this 3 stamps were sold for $12 and there were 4 bidders and 9 bids. This is 2nd seller (new)  from CHINA who is selling Gandhi Stamps.

Other seller is "asdaasdaasda" from China who has questionable in selling practice!!

My advice will be avoid sellers or item located in China or Taiwan because chances of forgery is very high as we saw in 1948 Courvoisier Gandhi folder, 1948 Gandhi stamps, 1948 Gandhi SERVICE stamps and even King George stamps, King Edward stamps etc.

To me this price is shill bidding or non paying buyer because it's not justify to buy this kind of stamps from CHINA.!! To me it's nothing but glorifying Gandhi stamps by increasing value.!!

There are lot of Somalia Gandhi Stamps available in market and are accumulated by certain collector who will try to sell from different countries to fool you around.!!

Following is screenshot where you can see 30 stamps (set of 3) were sold around $5.!! So there is large quantity available for this.

In March 2011,  this 3 stamps were sold for under $3 in a auction and I was one of the bidder on 3 stamps, but I did not bid more because it does not justify more than that.!!

From above 2 screen shot you can notice that 3 stamps were sold under $3.!!! I think this is a fair value for next 2-3 years.!!

If you notice that one bidder was me upto 2.10 euros. So think of the price if I was not bidder.!!!

Also look at the interest of buyer bidding, almost at the end of auction.!!! This is known as real purchase.!!

So please look at all this factor before you buy it.  Don't just buy, because you need this stamp in your collection. See what are trends going on in Gandhi stamps and watch pattern of buying and selling.

I was not aware of this when I jump in Gandhi Philately and I paid very high price which I don't think it will ever reach at that price unless I start increasing price and stop writing about my experience.!! (BTW: I paid $18 for this 3 stamps.!!).

This is embarrassing to me.!! But that's OK.!! Only one person has to be embarrassed not all new collectors or others also.

Do you why I paid this much price.? Because there was all kind of material about Gandhi Stamps but no where I can find information about Price of Gandhi Stamps and Philatelic material, what's going on in Gandhi Philately such as FAKE items, useless items, what to collect etc so I was alone fighting with this dealers.!! but that all gave me enough experience which I am using now to educate others.!!! 

Also what I learned in 3 years that this stamps you can buy it any time because there are enough for every Gandhi collectors and all experienced collector already have it. Also don't think there are lot of new collectors are joining in Gandhi Philately.!! But  I think in future they will be as price will stable down from current rate.!

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Bhutan Gandhi Stamp - Why you will quit Gandhi Philately - Part-1

Ketankumar Patel.

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