Gandhi Stamps from Panama : 5 Question about Panama commerical used cover with Gandhi Stamps : IS IT MAKES SENSE TO COLLECT COMMERICAL USED COVER?

Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

According to me 1971 Panama Gandhi stamp is next glorified (falsely!!) stamps after 1948 Gandhi India stamps.

Following are some of my blog post about Panama Gandhi stamps which will explain glorification of Panama Gandhi stamp.

1) What a price difference in Panama Gandhi stamps.
2) Panama Gandhi FDC : Is it real or FAKE!! ?
3) Highly INFLATED price in Panama Gandhi stamps.

I think it does not make sense at all to collect commercial used cover because chances of forgery are very high because it can be made any time by just making rubber stamp or by changing date on rubber stamp from current post office. 

I can still agree with special cancellation as it will be for limited time but chances  of that forgery is high too.

Also chances of fake stamps used on cover is also very high.


My personal opinion or view for this cover  will BURN you if you buy it because authenticity of this cover due to following 5 questions. 

1) Very hard to determine that this cover is indeed travel to Guatemala or even mailed from Panama.!!
2) We all had seen forgery in Gandhi stamps and covers so it's nothing new that how easy it is to make a rubber stamp and applied on stamp to make a used cover and even on USED stamps.!!
3) Where is the receiving cancellation date stamps on cover from Guatemala.? (It's easy to make one.!!)
4) Why we see only see cover with Gandhi stamps send to Progress Institute in Guatemala.!! Don't they have other stamps ?
5) Also I compared above cover send to Progress Institute with other similar cover and to me it looks like it has lot of similarity including hand writing, type of cancellation etc!! as if only person is sending it to them.

I don't know about authenticity of this cover as I don't have one or seen in real so I am telling that it's forgery or fake and I don't consider myself as an expert in stamps or philatelic materials but I can still think and guess and make assumption and express my view about it.!!

But after reading all my assumption about this coverdon't you think this cover will BURN you.!!!

If you are not convinced then please read some of my following blog posts and see what kinds of things are going in Gandhi Philately which will satisified you or make you think about my assumption or you can have your assumption or view about this cover.

3) Forged 1948 Gandhi Mourning first day cover.(different way to mourn.!!)

So after reading all or some of the blog don't you agree with my assumption.

Still doubt about yourself !!

Then please read some of my classic research blog post and think more about it.

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6) Indian Philately Exposed 
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I hope now you agree with me.!! (that Gandhi stamps and Philatelic material are all BOGUS!!)

If you don't agree  then it's your money so buy Panama Gandhi cover.!! and be proud owner and brag about it, write and display in exhibit and pass it to next generation.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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