Mexico Mahatma Gandhi stamp Post Card or Maximum card : How to make more money than just selling Mint stamps ?

Hello Gandhi stamp collectors,

Recently I saw Gandhi Centenary stamp sheet (50 stamps) from Mexico sold for $16.

Now I am wondering what's going in stamp collection.!! Value of stamp is declining like never seen before because value don't justify after 42+ years of investment and preservation and all other expenses such as comission to eBay and Paypal to sell this kind of stamp sheet.!!

So think twice about price before you buy any Gandhi Stamps.

It's not worth for investment because you will not able to get your money's worth.

But now look at the following Gandhi Max card and think how to make more money instead of selling just MINT stamp.!!

Just print postcard with Gandhi picture, affix 1969 Gandhi stamp and use rubber stamp of post office which is easily made or steal it and you can start selling for $6.!! So this stamp sheet will worth $300. ($6 x 50=$300).

And you will make $280 more.!! ( reduce the expense of printing postcard).

Does it make sense.?

Following are 4 Max-card with Mexico Gandhi stamp  issued to celebrate International Day of Non-Violence. Not sure it required more postage stamps because of changes in postal rates.!!

But this is Gandhi Philately in which any thing is possible.!!

To me collecting postcard with Gandhi stamps does not make sense at all.

This is not only in Mexico Gandhi stamps but you will find almost all Gandhi philatelic material such as used cover, register cover, max-card etc. We had seen this in Mauritius 1969 Register cover (fake with Indian pincode, 1948 Gandhi stamps used cover, FAKE Germany 2009 special cancellation issued to celebrate International Day of Non-Violence and all others.).

If you are not convinced then please read some of my following blog posts and see what kinds of things are going in Gandhi Philately which will satisified you or make you think about my assumption or you can have your assumption or view about this cover.

3) Forged 1948 Gandhi Mourning first day cover.(different way to mourn.!!)

So after reading all or some of the blog don't you agree with my assumption.

Still doubt about yourself !!

Then please read some of my classic research blog post and think more about it.

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6) Indian Philately Exposed 
7) Indian Philately Exposed - Part II

I hope now you agree with me.!! (that Gandhi stamps and Philatelic material are all BOGUS!!)

So stay away from MAX-card, used covers and register cover. It's nothing but a trap.

I think it make sense to collect just Mint stamps and First Day Cover (official) only.

If you don't agree  then it's your money so buy Mexico Gandhi Max Card .!! and be proud owner and brag about it, write and display in exhibit and pass it to next generation.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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