Queen Victoria stamps : 1854 India stamps forgery mint sheet can be used to make used stamps?

Hello Gandhi Stamp Collectors,

This is very important to compare Gandhi stamps and other British India stamps such as Queen Victoria, King George etc because all of them are selling as rare stamps for high price.

But I don't think any of them deserve high price because they are not rare and it's very hard to find other than fake and forgery.

After looking following screenshot I was really surprised that full sheet of 1854 Queen Victoria stamps of British India is available as forgery.!!

So my brain started thinking that what are the chances of this mint stamps can be converted to USED stamps so there will be less doubt about the forgery.!!

Now look at the following expensive 1854 Queen Victoria stamp from India selling as Mint stamps or  Used stamps for very high price.

What are chances  of this USED stamps are made from above stamp sheet ? I am not sure whether  following are FAKE or forgery because I am not expert. But you know expertising certificate from BPA and RPSL are also re-used or re-copied in past so whom to trust.!!

In past we have seen forgery of King George stamps, King Edward Stamps and Queen Victoria stamps from various countries so this is nothing new in British India stamps.




Don't you think it's easy to do because here you don't even need to make rubber stamp with alphabets, numbers or special symbols?

If forger can make rubber stamp of 1948 Gandhi special cancellation or one of the famous FAKE special cancellation from Germany with Emblem of India all this square or circle with just lines are very easy to forged and applied.

Check following screenshot how easy is it to make a rubber stamp and create forged philatelic material from India as well as from Germany or Nicaragua.


Read my blog post about following FAKE AND FORGED Gandhi stamps and philatelic cancellation.

Also chances of getting caught is less because it's USED by applying rubber stamp, keeping in soil  or exposing to sun and make it toned.!!

Look at sheer quantity of 1854 Queen Victoria stamp is currently available on eBay.!!

Do you consider this as a RARE stamps ?

Don't you think it's very easy to make more money instead of just selling Mint stamps? 

If you buy this forgery sheet for $30 and make some used stamps by applying rubber stamp it will be selling for $40000.!! 

So you need to think always before you buy otherwise you will regret.

To me at the end it will be JUST PIECE OF PAPER.!!

If you have money to throw away then start collecting  British India Stamps, 1948 Gandhi Stamps and Philatelic material and you will have a PIECE of PAPER (with no peace of mind.!!).

Still cannot decide then read following blog post which might help you.

Still not decided then my opinion is AVOID it all the cost.!! and have peace of mind instead of worrying you are buying Genuine material.!!!

To me all Gandhi Philatelic material available ( specially before 1950) looks FAKE or Forgery as it is very hard to find Genuine stuff and as new collectors (like me) wants to collect, so some greedy experienced collectors/dealers will provide  all of us as well as experienced collectors.!!

Still want to do research  then please read my other blog post and have fun.!!

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