Egypt Ghandi Stamp : You decide what's going on in Gandhi Philately.!! Egypt 1969 Gandhi FDC sold under $2 !!

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

You decide what's going on in Gandhi Philately after looking following screen shot. 1969 Egypt Gandhi FDC was sold for $1.58. 

Egypt Ghandi stamp has Gandhi portrait and  Emblem of India as well as Emblem of UAR (United Arab Republic). Also you can consider this as error stamp because spelling of Gandhi is misspelled as "Ghandi".

But in 2011 this First day cover with Gandhi stamp was sold for $1.58.!!

Seller: "Smeagle" from UK.
Price: $1.58 (0.99 GBP)
Buyer: "speedbird1*"
Date: April 10, 2011.

But also interesting thing is other Gandhi items were sold to some Gandhi stamp buyer/seller we see them routinely in Gandhi Philately.!!

I am not sure why such a low price even after 40+ years. Also this was in auction and only one buyer for this. Is it not amazing.!!

Do you know why such a low price.?
This is not only in Egypt stamps but all other countries also.

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I don't think it's for INVESTMENT because there are lot of great Investment out there.

Gandhi Stamps Club

BTW: But when you want to buy this you will not able to buy it at this price. This is Mystery.!!

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