Cameroun Gandhi Stamps First Day Cover : It's looks like a BUBBLE in Cameroun Gandhi Stamps!!

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

“Let us learn to live simply, so that others may simply live.” — Mahatma Gandhi

I think this is really required in Gandhi Philatelic world.!! and we can do this ourselves by following some of the Gandhian principles!!, but it's hard to do that even though we all collect stamps of Mahatama Gandhi.

In last 2-3 years Cameroon Gandhi F.D.C price is reduce from $295 to $78 (seven F.D.C) so I did some research on this and following are my findings, which might help you also.

In 2010 Cameroon is 151st in GDP per head. Now you will be thinking what to do with this.!! So think what was GDP Per head income in 1968.

You all might know that in 1968 Republic of Cameroon issued Mahatma Gandhi Stamp, FDC, Souvenir Sheet, Triptychs, 1969 Overprint stamps with Moon Landing(WHY??), so it is really interesting for Gandhi collectors along with other world famous leaders(during 1960) like MLK, John Kennedy and Robert Kennedy. Why this many stamps (imperf and perf) with combination of leaders from Cameroon in 1968-1969?. Also I am not sure why they issued Mahatma Gandhi stamp in 1968 instead of 1969 when all 35+ countries issued stamp to honored Mahatma Gandhi 100th Birth Anniversary.

This looks like some Cameroon Post government worker or some private collectors or dealers were very smart and they know how to make money even in 1968-1969.!! Looks like this people were visonaries and we are still chasing them without thinking.!!

Even though Cameroon is very small poor country in Africa, Gandhi 1968 FDC from Cameroun is one of the most expensive.!! This is beauty of philatelic world.!! Smaller the country more expensive item it will be.!! Look at value of USA, UK, Germany Gandhi FDC value(US $1) which is afforable to all collectors even though they issued 1 stamp except USA who issued 2 stamps.

I think buying Cameroun Gandhi FDC for more than $75 will BURN you in future because of bubble in price(same way housing bubble in USA). I bought this for $150 which is low price compare to other buyer, but I am still affected by this and feels like I am Burned.!! This is similiar to Morrocco Gandhi FDC except price of Morrocco FDC is much lower.

Reason for my assumption this is not rare as more than 2000 were made in 1969 and still sleeping in someone closet and someone in Europe is getting richer when collector and reseller are trying to buy it or wants to increase price of their possesion.!! Also Cameroun stamps/sheets with overprint are also interesting including used covers with Gandhi Cameroun stamps which were sold in past for 300-500 US dollars.

Some of the early Gandhi collector already have this and there are very few collectors who still needs this but some cannot afford it or don't want to buy at current price it is selling.

Recently I saw 6 FDC Cameroun FDC was offered on ebay for $300 and none of them were sold.!! It's amazing that no one wants to buy it at that price.!!

Also 2 FDC on delcampe was not sold at $275 after that person bought it for $120-150 and try to quick sale.

In past 2 years I had seen only 5-6 sold and everytime price is getting lower even though some collectors, reseller and dealers are trying to increase it by bidding it so it stay upto certain level.!!

Some dealers/resellers are even get cheated as they are not aware of this current modern technology works.!!

1) First one on 4-26-2008 was bought by "Ganges1948" dealer in India for 294 dollars to resell it.!! It is still on ebay india store who is asking $500+ for this same FDC.(click above link to see more details). I don't think he will ever recover his cost.!! because he was cheated very badly by same person who try to cheat me.!!

2) Second one on 3-9-2009 was bought by me for $150. Acutually it was sold for $266. I was cheated here.!! Actually a Gandhi collector/reseller from UK who has 3-4 Cameroun Gandhi FDC wants to increase price of this FDC increase bid on this by opening a fake id "Khelka10" who has also bidded initally with his other 2 delcampe id. He did not paid and seller offered me this FDC at lower price!!. This purchase made me SMARTER.!! Also I got a good deal of $150 from buyer. (click above link to see more details).

3) 3-7-2010 sold for 214 buy "gdstamps" from Canada and bought by Indian dealer "eaglefila".

4) 5-14-2010 sold for 179 buy "MAXWELLBRUSHSTICK" from UK and bought by ??.

This seller is interesting. He was the one who introduce me to delcampe "delcampe id is Bullterrier" by specially putting fdc for me to sale. Also this seller sometimes auctioned some expensive Gandhi FDC. Seller is also a research topic.!!

5) Sixth FDC was purchased by "bipin8" for 112 $ at Fixed price. This buyer is also a research topic.!!

6 & 7) Both bought by "brownblackcherry" around $78.!! This buyer is a big time accumulator of Gandhi F.D.C.!! In my previous blog posts I wrote about Congo Gandhi stamps F.D.C and he has more than 5!!

To me "brownblackcherry" has more than 5 F.D.C from Cameroun with Gandhi Stamps. (It's nothing wrong to accumulate some material and raise the price when it comes in market.!! It's like stock market.!!)

Following are some screen shot of all transactions about Cameroun Gandhi FDC.:-

It's very hard to put all piece together but this mostly surrounds to one or two of the biggest cheater in Gandhi Philatelic world.!!!!!!!!!!! You need to find out who are they.!!! But following screenshot or delcampe links study might help you.

1st FDC
Where:- Delcampe
Buyer:- Ganges1948 (reseller from India)
Fake Buyer:- 6300.
Seller:- Aillant
Date Sold:- 4/26/2008
Price:- $295

2nd FDC
Where:- Delcampe
Buyer:- Khelka10 (fake bidder). (BUT I LEARN FROM THIS CHEATING.!!)
Previous Bidder : Anusur
Seller:- Jean45
Date Sold:- 3/9/2009
Price:- $266 (actually sold for $150 and bought by me.)

3rd FDC

Where:- Ebay
Buyer:- eaglefila from India.
Seller:- gdstamps from Canada. (need to research more).
Date Sold:- 3/7/2010
Price:- $214.

4th FDC
Where:- Ebay
Buyer:- ??
Seller:- Maxwellbrushstick (will never buy from him)
Date Sold:- 15/14/2010
Price:- $179

5th FDC.
Where:- Delcampe
Buyer:- bipin8 from UK. (ONLY ONE BIDDER.!!)
Seller:- Marp
Date Sold:- 1/28/2011
Price:- $112 (Fixed Price.)

6th FDC
Buyer : brownblackcherry
Date sold : 9/2/2011
Sold for : $81

7th FDC
Buyer : brownblackcherry
Date Sold : 5/31/2011
Sold for : $78

As you saw that price is reduce from $295 to $78, so it's not worth buying this artifiical expensive(inflated) FDC.

So don't buy it for more than $25 and show your simplicity.!! Even $25 is too much.!! Look what happen to other FDC from African countries such as Mali, Gabon etc.

It's a game how to increase value of Gandhi philatelic material.!! So BEWARE

Some of the bidders are trying to increase price so they can increase their own collection value as they have multiple in their collection by accumulation very cheap purchases.


Is it hobby with investment or scam in mind? !! Think before you buy any Gandhi Philately Material as it is very easy to make rubber stamp.!!! 

This is how stamp stamp dealers prosper!!

Again thanks for reading this blog post and  Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

Gandhi Stamps

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