Stamps from India : Philatelic Gone EXTREME !! - 1948 Gandhi stamps from India on used cover which took 3 years to delivery mail from India to France and Early usage of Gandhi stamps.

Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

Recently I saw 1948 Gandhi used cover with stamps from India and I was completely surprised when I took a deep dive !!

To me it looks like completely INSANE.!!

Following cover has 2 issue.

1) Is it early usage of 1948 Gandhi stamps.
2) It took 3 years to reach from India to Paris.

So not sure whether this is  Forgery cover?
one of a kind genuine cover with  early usage of Gandhi stamps with airmail delivery took 3 years(1948-1951)!!
fastest mail in 1951 from Coimbatore to Paris in 4 days.(13-Aug to 17-Aug)

1) Really this is early usage ?:

As per seller this is 1948 cover. so it is early usage because stamp was issued on 15-August and this cover has cancellation of 13-August.

So this is "Minus 2 Day cover"

But looking to screenshot we cannot see which year it was mailed clearly. Don't know why only year is missing from this cancellation which is completely intact other than year.!! (It's a handy work or ERROR with missing year in CDS.!!)

2) Really reached Paris after 3 years ?

Now if you see in back side of the cover we can see machine cancellation from Paris.

Following is the screenshot in which we can see it has receiving cancellation of paris dated 17-August-1951.

So this means it took 3 years and 4 days.!!

Following is complete screenshot from eBay where seller "stamp_bay" is selling this cover for $375 - $550.!!

This was not sold. Don't know why.!!

But your guess is my guess. 

My guess is because no one has TRUST in Gandhi stamps specially in 1948 Gandhi stamps and philatelic material because after seeing lot of forgeries such as FAKE 1948 special Jai Hind cancellation, Forged Nepal Embassy Cancellation Cover, FAKE 1948 Gandhi stamps, FAKE  private FDC and used cover and all kinds of things you dream about and you will find it.

Also collectors are tired of INFLATED pricing of Gandhi philatelic material (which are all fake or forged) and also there are not that many collectors who want to spend this kind of money but still you see that covers are selling (but buyers are not paying.!!).

After doing all this research I got one more question.

Even if we consider senders date as 13-Aug-1951 instead of 1948, then also it will be not possible for cover to reach Paris in 4 days.!! considering that Coimbatore is/was not International airport as all mail has to go through Chennai (Madras) which is more than 500 km and in 1951 it was hard to cut this much distance either by train or road or even airplane(frequency of airplane, whether, infrastructure or airport, postal sorting system, postal transporation etc) between different cities to connect for international mail in 1951.

Also there is no extra postage stamps so this cannot be any express service.!!

My personal opinion is that there is a FORGERY on this cover. It looks like forger used some old used cover without stamps on it or removed it and then affix Gandhi stamp with rubber stamp to match that date, but afterwards forger thought about it and ERASED the year (1948). 

This is Gandhi PHILATELY so everything is possible.!!

Again I am not expert but this is my own personal view which I am expressing as my freedom of speech. Before buying or bidding you need some expert advice on this.

In 2012 it takes 7-10 days from India to France to carry mail in airplane.!! by regular India post service.so don't know what happen with this one.!!

I am not even researching about redirection from France to Congo as it does not make sense.!!

So to me this looks it's an extreme example of used cover which is needs more investigation.

Looking to all this kinds of used cover with 1948 Gandhi stamps from India, which make me think that it's an EXTREME push to glorified 1948 Gandhi Stamps from India as Investment.

Do you think it's worth to collect or invest in 1948 Gandhi as well as British India stamps and philatelic material including 1911 First Aerial Mail, 1854 Queen Victoria, King George, King Edward etc.

Do you think this is EXTERME example of Forgery or just happen to be like this?

A classic example of Philatelic gone EXTREME.!!!

Gandhi Stamp club

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