Jai Hind - Gandhinagar Congress - Free India Stands for World Peace - Indian Embassy Nepal philatelic cover. What is common between them?

Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

Look at the following 4 covers and think what are possibilities in Gandhi Philatelic collection.

1) India 1948, Slogan "Free India Stands For World Peace" Gandhinagar.
2) Private First Day cover with not official cancellation from Indian Embassy of Nepal.
3) Jai Hind Slogan Cancellation.
4) 1948 cover with cancellation of 55th Congress Gandhinagar, Jaipur.

Did you notice similarities between them except one. All are not address except Indian Embassy Nepal cover, other than that everything is same i.e Envelope, a stamp and rubber stamp.

I think we can still use type writer and address to any one including Prime Minister or President of any country so it's not a big deal.

We even can get receiving cancellation date  stamp too by applying rubber stamp.

I was cheated in  1948 Gandhi stamps private first day Indian Nepal Embassy cover and it's in album with great regret.!!  But I learned a lot from this.!!

But to me it's all four cover are FORGERY. 

This is a great way to make money by just fixing stamp on cover and used rubber stamped as forged cancellation.!!

Who knows what happened 65+ years ago.!!

It's a big international philatelic gang or philatelic cartel out there who will try to make you think that this are indeed valuable philatelic cover by bidding on it from multiple location with multiple accounts, glorifying  covers, cancellation etc  by various ways and even writing good and negative feedback for each others on eBay!!

I was lucky that I figured out Gandhi Philatelic material cheating and forgery and I saved myself from this big gang and avoiding all of the following philatelic material related to Gandhi stamps. 

1) 1948 Gandhi stamps used cover or post cards send to different countries
2) Register cover from India with Gandhi stamps
3) Private 1948 India Gandhi stamps first day cover without cachet
4) 1948 Gandhi Mourning first day cover etc.
5) International Reply Coupon with Round table conference cancellation from Great Britain
6) Round Table Conference cancellation cover from Great Britain.
7) Panama Gandhi stamps and used cover send to Guatemala.!!
8) ...
9) ...
.................. and lot more.

For new collector will never think about all this, but some of the experienced collectors were surprised with Indian Embassy Nepal cancellation cover on first day of issue of Gandhi stamps.!!

Read my other blog post about Indian Embassy Nepal private first day cover with 1948 Gandhi stamps from India and understand what are chances in Gandhi stamp collection.!!

1) Cover with Nepal Indian Embassy Cancellation on India Gandhi 1948 stamps : Avoid Collecting (Investing) in Repression!!
2) Nepal India Embassy postmark stamp
4) Mahatma Gandhi stamps : Is it Genuine, FAKE or STOLEN.?
5) Nepal Indian Embassy 1948 Gandhi F.D.C value.
6) What a difference in value of Nepal Indian Embassy stamp on 1948 Gandhi F.D.C.

After reading all the above blog post don't you think all 4 covers are FORGED or we can call it BOGUS.

What do you think?

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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