Mahatma Gandhi Stamps : Is it GENUINE, FAKE OR STOLEN?

Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

Recently I saw a hand made paper cover with 1948 Gandhi stamps and cancellation from Indian Embassy of Nepal with dated on 15th August 1948 (I questioned about availability of this stamp on this date in Nepal.!!) which was also first day of issue of this stamps.!! It's indeed a unique cover (if Genuine??) send to Prime Minister of Nepal.!!
As all you know that I own this kind of private FDC( which I consider FAKE even though I paid $80!!)  from Indian Embassy of Nepal and wrote multiple blog post (click following to read)  about this only to bring awarness to all collectors.

I have following question about this cover before we can claim as Genuine.

1) Really send (given as gift) to PM ?? or just address.!!
2) Why not given on some authenticate envelope with some kind of Logo of Indian Embassy or rubber stamp of Emblem of India.?
3) Why not any detail who presented or gave this cover to him such as signature or rubber stamp of Ambassador of India or Consul-General of India.
4) Is there any other proof that it was indeed given to Prime Minister such as seal of Nepal Prime Minister Office?
5) If Genuine how this Government property or private collection is coming to Market for sale.!! 
6) Why hand made paper envelope ?
7) Even BPA or RPSL certification expert will be confused as it will very hard for them to find out that it was indeed send to PM of Nepal!!

If it is Genuine then  it is a gift and it should either be in museum or with some relatives of PM!!

I can get cancellation from local post office and type address to any PM or King  so it does not mean it was really send to that person or given as gift.  

So to me it is not worth collecting this kind of philatelic material send to some dignitaries.!! specially with 1948 Gandhi Stamps!! It's all BOGUS.!!

If it is Genuine cover (I don't think so) then it should be Stolen from NEPAL Government and People of Nepal. (seller might not know that it was Stolen!! He might be just selling it from stock he bought it from someone like we saw it in 1933 Tibet paper cover with Tibet stamps and 1948 Gandhi stamp with circular  Indian Embassy of  Nepal cancellation!!)  

Also this kind of material don't come in auction without proper proof and with real owner. Let's take example of recent Gandhiji letter to his friend Kallenbach. It was for auction in July 2012 from relative of Dr. Isa Sarid, Kallenbach's great grandniece, money was giving to Sarid's son by Indian Government.!!  That is known as Genuine philatelic material.!!

But who cares eBay is making money on this transaction and I hope PayPal is also making money on this sale.!! (Disclosure : I own eBay stock in my retirement account as well as recently I do trading of eBay stock). Also I was one of the bidder on this auction, but lost.!!!

This was one of the expensive FDC with 1948 Gandhi Stamps from India was sold in August. You can see other expensive Gandhi philately material sold in that month.

Even chances of FAKE stamps are very high on used cover because they are available in plenty.

Do you think eBay got commission from this auction ?

Reason for thinking about this that all the bids you see might be FAKE or shill bidding and after auction closes seller and buyer mutually withdraw bid, so they don't have to pay commission.!!

Or buyer don't pay so seller will open case with eBay so seller will not have to pay commission.

Here if transaction is genuine eBay will get $450 + commission from Paypal which will be $200-$300!

Do you think eBay shareholder are CHEATED by buyer or seller ?

Chances are very high.

Please read following series of my blog post  to understand what is going on stamp collecting world specially in Indian Philatelic materials and you will think it's all BOGUS.!! Yes it's all BOGUS.!!

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Now what do you think about this Nepal Indian Embassy cancellation send to Prime Minister.!! 
Yes. Prime Minister of Nepal.!!

So what do you think about this cover ?

Is it Genuine ?

Is it FAKE or BOGUS?



My guess is 2nd options.!! So to me this is not worth collecting or investing in it.!!

But it's up to you to decide whether this kind of material is for you or not, as you have to pay.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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