CHILE GANDHI STAMPS : Are stamp sheet collection worthless ?

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

I was looking some of my screenshot collection and I saw  Chile Gandhi Stamp Sheet of 50 Stamps sold for only $9.!!! which means only 18 cents for one which is below face value someone paid 40+ years.!!

Do you think stamp collecting hobby is declining.?

To me it looks like it as complete stamp sheet after 40+ years is selling under $9 even Gandhi Philately is one of the most popular theme for collectors.

Even Chile Soccer World Cup First Flight Cover with Gandhi stamps are selling at very low price.

1) Chile First Flight cover with Gandhi stamps value is declining.!!
2) Chile Overprint stamp First Flight Cover of World cup soccer 1974 is also declining.!!

Also  India economy is booming since  last 10 years and I read all the time that because of this economy boom people are investing in Gandhi stamps (like Washington stamp of USA!!), but after seeing this kind trend of pricing in Gandhi Philately  I don't think so.

To me it's just marketing to involved more people by trying to misguide them instead of promoting by guiding them as hobby instead of investment.!!

I am not sure that after 40+ years this stamp sheet was sold at very low price.  What do you think about such a low price ?

According to me this low price is because

1) Overall stamp collecting hobby is declining including Gandhi Philately.
2) I don't see any importance of complete sheet in stamp exhibition.
3) Also it is not easy to store and even display in exhibition and difficult to store in album.!!
4) Even shipping of this stamp is difficult as it will require big packet and also chance of getting damage in shipping is very high.
6) Collectors are loosing interest because of all kind of SCAM in philatelic hobby ("Philatelic Game!!")
7) Fake or questionable special cancellation are selling in plenty.!!

But I think main reason is that this are not unique or genuine error stamp sheet which will create a value in future. I understand some unique cancellation with specific date or unique postoffice cancellation or unique street name related to your thematic collection but stamp sheet is just boring to collect.

I have 2-3 stamp sheet in my collection which I bought it long time back, but I am not going to invest any more unless it's very cheap like this Chile Gandhi sheet.!!!

In past I had seen stamp sheet from Morocco, Ireland etc selling for very low price. Following are my blog post of other Gandhi stamp sheets.



So keep in mind when you tempted to invest in Gandhi Stamp sheet.

Don't you think stamp sheet are worthless to collect ?

I think so !!

Even though I have 3-4 different sheets from Germany, Mexico, Chile, India.!! (It was purchased 2 years ago when I was not aware of all this !!)

Again thanks for reading and  please share your thoughts in the comments section.

Gandhi Stamps Club

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