gandhistamps Maximum Card : What a price difference in Gandhi Philately material

Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

In this blog post I am writing about recently auctioned Max cards with all 4 stamps (including 10 Rupees Gandhi) 1948 Gandhi stamps from India.  Following are selling price and date it was sold.

3/29/12 :- $5105
6/07/12  :- $2501
7/20/12 :- $1390
9/13/12 :- $810

Don't know why this much difference, even there was no difference at all, but your guess is my guess.!!

But amazing thing is that max card with 3 stamps (without 10 Rupees) was sold for $680.!! So not sure what's happening!!
But my feeling is that it's nothing but glorification of Gandhi stamps by increasing value(but not paying it) and make you think that this is it.!! You got to invest in 1948 Gandhi Stamps.!!

Now what is the real value of this kind of material.?

Max card with only 3 lower value Gandhi stamp was sold for $680!!!

 Is it not amazing that 4 stamp  max card sold for $810 were as 3 stamp sold for $680!! So 10 Rupees Gandhi stamp is only worth $120 with first day special "Jai Hind" cancellation on a maxi card.!!

On 29th March,  Max card with 1948 India Gandhi stamps was sold for $5105 to ebay buyer id "hitlerandgandhi". (To me this was just a FAKE transaction as it was not paid and just glorified Gandhi Stamps, so you think "Is it really for investment.!! or Is it really worth collecting.!!").

Please read my previous blog about this Maxi card so you will be aware of what's happening in 1948 Gandhi Stamps and Philatelic.


Don't know why Gandhi Max Card value fell by 100% !! $5100 - $2501.!!

Why it went only for $2501.!! Don't know what happen to other bidders  who bidded and lost in $5105!! But your guess is my guess.

2nd Bidder : h***t (1689) "posthost" aka "philametrics"
3rd Bidder : m***1(421) "airmail1929"

All this information is collected from public available sources. (In USA if you buy house everyone knows who is buyer and seller and what price it sold after 30-60days in local newspaper and after that partly available on zillow.com!!)  Also as one of the bidder (loser) I can get ebay buyer info easily.!!

On July 20, this maximum card was sold for $1390!!!!!!! So don't know why again price fell down by 100%.

Not sure what happen to previous auction bidders" posthost" and "airmail1929" who bidded twice the amount in previous auction. !! But my guess is your guess.!!

I lost following auction. I just bidded very minimum so I can do research.!!

But it's not worth collecting because it's HIGHLY INFLATED with all kind of methods just to glorify Gandhi stamps.

Not sure where the price of this kind of Max card with Gandhi stamps will stop.!!

If you have money to throw away then start collecting 1948 Gandhi Stamps and Philatelic material and get some worthless piece of paper.!! (Same is true of Panama Gandhi Stamps !!).

Still cannot decide then read following blog post which might help you.

Still not decided then my opinion is AVOID it all the cost.!! and have peace of mind instead of worrying you are buying Genuine material.!!!

To me all Gandhi Philatelic material available ( specially before 1950) looks FAKE or Forgery as it is very hard to find Genuine stuff and as new collectors (like me) wants to collect, so some greedy experienced collectors/dealers will provide  all of us as well as experienced collectors.!!

Still want to do research  then please read my other blog post and have fun.!!

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Ketankumar Patel

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