Davaar Island Local Post - Gold foil stamp

 Hello Gandhi Collectors,

"Sanda and Davaar are small islands off Kintyre at the south west side of Scotland.  The islands are uninhabited apart from Lighthousemen--and I hasten to confirm that the 'Local Carriage Labels' are of no postal use whatsoever.

 It is a complete racket and there is absolutely no postal justification whatsoever, for their use.  I regret that there is no such thing as a postally used cover." David C. Jefferies  ( Read and see more @ http://www.sossi.org/local/davaar.htm)

Recently 6 Gold foil (cannot be consider as stamp) because it's a foil!!(not even piece of paper!!) were sold under $4.!!

But good way to make money.!!

But recently I was surprised when I saw a seller "phil-centre" from UK is selling this Davar Island local post Gandhi Gold stamp foil for $106!!!

Yes $106 for 7 gold foil.!!

This piece of foil (stamps) which are not valid. It's like a label or Cinderellas so anyone can print it.!!

We are seen lot of forgeries of original stamps of India such as King George, King Edward and 1948 Gandhi stamps from India so this is a safe bet to make it completely FAKE.!!

If you want to make it UNIQUE or RARE collection then you can have it in your collection, but it will be completely UNIQUE-RARE.!!

This is a best way to make money.!!

Even you will see F.D.C of this stamps.!!

It's just require a printed cover and rubber stamp with circular date stamp.!!!

Who cares it's official or just FAKE.!!

Why worry about date!! Just copy what you see on other cover and that's your First Day of Issue.

So beware of this kind of ridiculous pricing other wise you will regret buying this kind of not valid stamp.

Gandhi Stamps Club

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