India Stamps : 10 Rupees Gandhi stamp value!! Is it Genuine or FAKE!!!!!!!Expertising Certificate from RPSL and BPA are even used to pass of forgeries.!!!

Hello Gandhi Stamps Collectors,

Recently I saw 10 Rupees 1948 stamp sold for $113 and  I was really surprised with the price.!! But I was even more surprised when other 10 Rupees Gandhi Stamp was sold for $97.!!

Reason for surprise is that this stamp was selling from $200-300, but I am seeing huge price declining recently.

My 4 years of experience tells me that 1948 India Gandhi stamps  are  glorified by price inflation so to begin with it should not be $200-$300. On top of it because of this glorification and inflated price there is more than FAKE and FORGERY  1948 Gandhi stamps and philatelic material from India then Genuine.!!!

Read my previous blog post to understand FAKE 1948 Gandhi stamps is COPY or FACSIMILE !!

Seller don't mentioned that this is Genuine or FAKE !! because we all know very large quantity of 1948 Gandhi 10 Rupees stamp is available as copy/Facsimile !!

So we know this is indeed a Genuine stamp.!!?? If anyone know then comment on this blog so everyone is aware of it. 

Recently I read following

" This type of forgery is nothing unusual - the 10Rs Gandhi stamp (the whole set actually) has been extensively forged. The forged SERVICE overprint is abundantly available. Even worse, there are many older genuine RPSL and BPA certificates (for the 10Rs Service stamp) that are floating and have been used to pass of forgeries.The red cross missing stamp and the bird of prey that recently appeared in auction houses were also determined to be fake when they were sent for certification after auction "

"One of the genuine stamps also has two certificates issued on it - which means a genuine certicate may be available to pass off a forgery. So it is not merely enough to buy a stamp with the certificate , but as always to ensure that the stamp belongs to the certificate and that the certificate itself is legitimate by writing to/emailing the BPA directly (as certificates have also been forged)."

After reading above screenshot, now how I can trust 1948 Gandhi Stamps from India.!!!

Expertising Certificate  from RPSL and BPA are even used to pass of forgeries.!!!

Following is screenshot from ebay which is selling 10 Rupees Gandhi stamps.

seller : "melbournestamps"
location : Australia.
date : 9/16/2012

But what amazed me is that there were 9 bidders for this stamps.!!

To me all 1948 Gandhi stamp from India looks flaky.!! including 10 Rupees Gandhi stamp.!!

Following is one more example where 10 Rupees Gandhi stamp was sold for $97.!!!!!

Seller : vfrens1985
location : Dubai, UAE
date : 9/4/2012
description : Check Scan. !! ( now how you know whether this is FAKE or FORGERY using high quality scan, what we see all the time for facsimile.!!)

I don't buy this or collect this because it's a big SCAM in philately world which is part of a big game "Philatelic Game" or "Philatelic Joke."!!

But my advice is AVOID, AVOID, AVOID any 1948 Gandhi stamps and private FDC and ofcourse used covers.!!

To me this both stamps looks flaky.!!!

Please read following series of my blog post  to understand what is going on stamp collecting world specially in Indian Philatelic materials.

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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