Chile 1974 FFC Lufthansa World Cup 74 Football First Flight Cover - Gandhi Chile Overprint Stamps FFC - Is FFC value going down.?

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Recently I saw 1974 Chile FFC of Lufthansa airlines with two overprint  Gandhi Stamps was sold for $3.42.!!! Also similar FFC were sold for $3.50 - $4  last few months.

Chile 1974 FFC Lufthansa flight LH-491 Football World cup flight carrying the Chile National team dated 13 June 1974. Cover is franked with the Vina del Mar overprint and 100E opt on 1969 Gandhi Stamps are cancelled with a special event cancellation and the front has a cachet with the official WM74 logo

This is a very nice FFC but again price is going in downward direction.!! After almost 40 years it's has no appreciation.!! This price is in auction and there were total 3 bids and 2 bidders for this FFC and then also it never went up.!!

So please make sure priicing of FFC before you buy Gandhi FFC. It's selling very cheap. If you pay more than 3-4$  then chance are that you will regret.

I see lot of Gandhi philatelic materials is selling for very high price some where between 30-50$ which is not even worth 1/5th of that price, but this is a trick to cheat some new buyer who is not aware of all kinds of activity in Gandhi Philately.

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So before you buy any stamps or philatelic materials think twice what are going in to. Make sure you not accumulating someone junk as your treasure.!!

Again thanks for reading and  please share your thoughts in the comments section or you can email me at ketankumar@gmail.com.

Ketankumar Patel.

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