Gandhi Khadi Stamp FDC : I don't think this are rare F.D.C even though it's a private fdc

By Ketankumar Patel.

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

You already know that there was no official FDC issued by Indian Postal Service with Gandhi Khadi stamp sheet (1,00,000 stamp sheets were printed) issued in February 2011 during Indipex Stamp Exhibition.

But I can see lot of different varities of privately made F.D.C with Gandhi Khadi Stamp sheet or just khadi stamp of 100 Rupees ($2 only).

Following is screenshot from ebay and none of the FDC were sold in last 15 days.!!!

I am not sure why it is not selling, but my guess is it is private fdc and price is too high or dealers are not interested to buy it and resell it or collectors knows that this will be available all the time as lot of collectors and  dealers made private FDC (my guess will be more than 5000!!)during Indipex Exhibition anticipating that value will go high and there will huge appreciation by investing 250 Rupees ($5-6).!!

If you want to know more about Gandhi Khadi 2011 stamps then please read following blog posts.

Do you think 2011 Gandhi Khadi stamp sheet FDC will appreciate after 40+ years.?

Or it will have same appreciation like we see today in Ireland or Hungary 1969 Gandhi stamp FDC!!! which are selling under $1 even after 40+ years

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Now does it make sense to collect stamps after looking above blog posts?

I Don't think so.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club

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