Gabon Gandhi Stamp Sheet : Let's do research on stamp auction bidding on Gabon Kennedy and Martin Luther King stamps sheet with Ghandi stamps.

By Ketankumar Patel.

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Today on ebay I saw Gabon Gandhi sheet with MLK and Kennedy's which  was sold for $6.90 with shipping $4 extra. So total of this Gandhi sheet will be $11.!!!  In past it was sold somewhere between $1-3, so I decided to dig more in to it and see what's going on.

Before  you start reading further about this Gabon Gandhi stamp sheet you need to know the seller "raimissss" from LATVIA who auctioned 1400 listings of different stamps in last 15 days and  almost all were sold.!!!! (Yes, complete auctioned of 1400 listings of stamps were sold in 2 weeks.) Please click following ebay link to verify before you read further about this blog post.


Do you think you can sell all your 1400 stamps/covers etc in 15 days!! from Nov-24 to Dec-8.!! (I don't think so.!!!)

Now let's start reading more about this Gabon stamps and keep above point in mind.!!

seller id : raimissss from Latvia (formerly USSR) and ebay member since 2006 and feedback 9990
buyer id : (u***u(461)) drbhanupratap123 from India and ebay member since 2005 and feedback 461
auction looser id : (k***l(811) kamalmedicine from India  and ebay member since 2007 feedback 811

(keep in mind feedback will change in future)

Looks like lot of money is flowing in India from ebay buyers.!!

Following screen shot is bidding details of drbhanupratap123.

As per bidding details it looks like he bidded on 50+ bids (26% of 276)  on ramissss items.!!!

Ebay id kamalmedicine is looser of this auction.As per bidding details it looks 25-30bids (9% of 303) were placed by kamalmedicine. 

Now please think what's going on and you will come up with something.!!! You need to solve this kinds of puzzle if you want to be successful in Gandhi Philately and then you can avoid some very big mistakes.!!!

I am not sure why Indian buyer has to go all the Latvia to buy this Gabon Gandhi stamp sheet where as it is available locally on ebay india and pay with Paisapay (india's paypal).  By buying from India they don't have to worry about PAYPAL account as Paypal is very strict on certain condition and it is not working properly with India and lot of restrictions by Indian goverment to use paypal.!!!

Following screenshot is from ebay India where same sheet is available for 550 rupees + 50 Shipping = 600 Rs. which is little bit expensive then India but it's quick and hassle free shopping from India.

Please add this also in your research and solve this puzzle and keep it with you when ever you buy something.!!!

But I am still curious why pay $11 for this sheet when it is available for less than $3-4(with shipping) frequently on delcampe.

And sometimes it's available under $1. See my previous blog post about this.


How in the world a seller can sell all his auction listing?

Do you think you can sell all your auction listings?

Again thanks for reading and  Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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