Mexico Gandhi Stamps : Why such a low price for Gandhi FDC.

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

In 1969, Mexico honored Mahatma Gandhi by issuing stamps of him. 

This stamps are widely available under 50 cents and even FDC are available for $1.!!

In July, 2010 Gandhi FDC from Mexico was sold under $1.!!!

You know why such a low price because it's selling from Mexico and looks like they are not in to Shill Bidding.!! Once it's change the country everything starts.!!

Recently Mexico FDC was not even sold for $10.!! 

You know why it did not sold, because seller don't know how to sell it.!! He needs to keep low price and starts rigging up price.!!

It all depends on Current Market trends of stamp collection. (Which is DECLINING since last 10 years and it's going down tremendously since last 5 years.!!). 

Read my following blog post to understand about stamp collection in DECLINE.!!

1) A Hobby in Decline : 1948 Gandhi USED cover case study.!!
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3) How to invest when philately price is dropping.

If you see stamps are not even selling or selling like 5-10 times lower their value than mentioned in catalog.!!

So buyer make sure about value before you buy  it. There is enough for everyone needs.!!

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