Gandhi Stamp Sheet value : Gandhi Ireland stamp sheet : Is Gandhi Stamps price not appreciating at all and it's declining.!!

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Recently on ebay two Gandhi Ireland Stamp Sheets of 120 stamps each was sold for $42!!!(27 UK Pounds).

In past we have seen stamp sheet of Gandhi stamps selling for very low price. Malta Stamp sheet of 60 stamps was sold for $12 and two Morocco Gandhi sheet with 50 stamps was sold for $80.(Click link to read blog post about Malta and Morocco Stamp Sheet with Gandhi Stamps.)

I think because of sheet in stamps it got $42 (18 cents per stamp set (2 stamps)) other wise it might be less. In December 2011 single stamp set(of 2 stamps) was sold for 0.01 Euro.!!! Check out my blog post about this by clicking following link.

So to all collectors there are enough Gandhi Stamps for everyone. So don't just buy blindly as if Gandhi Stamps price will go up very fast and will get good return on investment.

Think after 43 years Gandhi stamps are still available at very nominal price. I think collector who had this stamp for 43 years did not have good ROI except enjoyment of keeping in very safely, nicely and with worried of getting damaged by water, fire, weather etc.!!!

In future you might see this  stamp sheet selling on ebay or delcampe as sheet or  in block of 4 or with gutter margin etc.!!

This is for reference for future new Gandhi Stamp Collectors, so they know what was pricing of this stamps in 2011 even after 40+ years!!

Again thanks for reading and  please share your thoughts in the comments section or you can email me at ketankumar@gmail.com.

Ketankumar Patel.

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