St. Vincent Gandhi Stamp FDC - Is this Genuine Gandhi FDC?

Recently on eBay India I saw St. Vincent FDC  with 1998, 2000 and 2005 Gandhi stamps and I was surprised. Nothing change in 7 years.!! i.e. Simple Cover and Simple First day Cancellation.!!

FDC should have unique cachet printed on Cover and unique special cancellation related to theme of stamps, which keeps collector interested in collecting. If it is this kind of simple FDC then it's very hard to trust about this cover and collector will start questioning this kind of FDC.

Do you think following are Official First Day Cover ?

Now think what are the possibilities!! and also think whether this is really Official FDC from St. Vincent Postal Service.!! Bring it On!!

It's easy to make(DIY) this kind of FDC at cheaper rate because just print one cover (with Official FDC) and rubber stamp and start stamping on Gandhi stamp as well as different kind of stamps.!!! and FDC is ready for sale.!! Who cares about different cachet even though they are issued 7 years apart.!!

To me this FDC looks questionable and needs more research.!!

What do you think?

In future we all might see FDC from other smaller countries and this is how dealers and reseller (converted from collectors.!!) makes money.!! 

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Now does it make sense to collect stamps ?

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Following are some FDC from St. Vincent which has different cachet printing on cover depending on the person's work. Also it has special cancellation with theme of stamps. If you notice cancellation it is also very clear.!!

Above cover has different cachet on cover and different type of cancellation.

Even though all of the above FDC was issued on same date but it has different cachet, where as our St. Vincent Gandhi stamps has one cachet for all 3 stamps which were issued in different years.!!!!!!

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