SPECIMEN POSTCARD : Making money by selling postcards on Internet.!!

Disclosure :- This is only to educate collector how easy it is to get CHEATED so every collector should be aware of this kind of activity.

If you make rubber stamps of "SPECIMEN" you can make 3000 Rupees by making FORGERY.!!

Yes Cheating collectors.!! Any way they are getting cheated .!! so they will not notice that they are cheated.!!

I think this is the easiest way to make money than selling  USED cover or REGISTER cover with  Gandhi stamps  because you need to create multiple things so prove it as genuine such 

1) Overprint on stamp (SERVICE or SPECIMEN or Moon Landing)
2) Rubber stamp with Post office name (make it)
3) CDS from receiving post office. (it's rubber stamp)
4) Forgery stamp on cover (make it)
5) Register label (print it)
6) Find address (forged it)

You just  need one postcard and apply "SPECIMEN" rubber stamp on postcard and start selling as India SPECIMEN postcard.

Now compare following two SPECIMEN rubber stamp (taken from 1969 Gandhi Postcard from India) and you will notice both are different.!!

We had seen lot of SPECIMEN forgery stamps so it's not a big thing in stamp collection.!!

1) Gandhi SPECIMEN stamp (unknown country or no value printed)

Look at following screenshot and you can make $49 which will cost you 10 cents only.!!


Looks like price came down by 100% in 16 months.!! Wait another 16 years and you will get at face value (10 Paise.!!).

Even if you sell as FORGERY it can get you around $7.!! which is still not bad compared to original price of making this. !! Following was sold as FORGERY SPECIMEN postcard.!!

"Now believed to be doubtful origin"

Following all 1969 Gandhi India postcard SPECIMEN  10 paise ( less than 1 cents) were sold as FORGERY for more than $7.!!

Each India SPECIMEN postcard was issued in 1969 with different theme such as Mahatma Gandhi Spinning Wheel, Mahatma Gandhi Outside his Ashram and Portrait of Mahatma Gandhi.

This SPECIMEN can be applied to other postcards also and you can make money.!!

Also this "SPECIMEN" rubber stamp you can apply on other thematic postcard  from other countries also. Might have to use different ink or might have to make another rubber stamp, but concept is same.

Sierra Leone 1 1/2d red King George VI KG VI postcard overprint specimen
Kenya Uganda Tanganyika 15c  King George VI postcard overprint specimen

You can also apply this SPECIMEN rubber stamp on Stationery items also.!!

Trinidad and Tobago stationery King George VI KG6 6c blue Registerd env SPECIMEN Size G.
St. Vincent KG5 stationery 3d Blue registered envelope Specimen Size J
Gold Coast KG5 Stationery 3d Brown registered envelope SPECIMEN
Gambia KG5 King George stationery 3d blue registered envelope SPECIMEN

Also apply on postcard from Nepal.!!

Nepal 4 paise "SPECIMEN" King's Crown khukri scarce postcard postal stationery
Nepal 8P  Crown khukri scarce SPECIMEN reply postcard

Don't you think you can make living by making this kind of forgery items and selling it on internet.

It will be very hard to get noticed because you are just making  one rubber stamp usage and no one know what is genuine or forgery or whether even SPECIMEN exist or not.!!

So go for it and show your skills.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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