Rare and Expensive collectibles: How you will be CHEATED.

As I mentioned in previous blog post that there is nothing like RARE and Expensive collectibles items whether it's stamps or coins or matchbox or beanie baby or trading cards or postcards or anything you think about.

It will be not rare and expensive collectibles items if you don't glorify either by exhibiting it or by writing about it in coin or philatelic or any collectible handbook or by increasing price by fake bidding it.

If you see all the hobbies are declining because it's hard to keep up with changing habbits of teenagers who will be driving force of this rare and expensive collectibles, but they are moving towards video games or internet and don't have enough time to spend on hobby.

Recently I won 1948 Gandhi stamps for $311.!!

But actually I was CHEATED.!!!
I learned that in stamp collection that there is nothing rare and expensive collectibles and you cannot buy anything if you are not CHEATED.!!!

You will be CHEATED by

But you will be cheated also by bidders 

1) SHILL bidding (seller might use their other own accounts or relatives might help)
2) Bidders retracting bid at last moment
3) Seller cancelling higher bidder.

In this case I was cheated by RETRACT bid and CANCELLED BID. Also there are chances of cheating by SHILL bidding.

I am completely aware of pricing of this rare and expensive collectibles item!! In past I wrote about current value of this rare and expensive collectibles item so I was completely aware of stamp price.!!

Recently to do my research I bidded on following  India 1948 Gandhi MNH stamp from seller "worldstamps22" from Belgium. for $311.!! 

Looks like this seller "worldstamps22" is selling 100 items of  Gandhi stamps!! and out of that 94 has bid on it!! .

Looks like "worldstamps22" from Belgium (not sure) seller/dealer/collector getting out of Gandhi stamp collection.!!

I usually don't bid this high but it was different kind of research so I bidded on it and I was winner for 9 hours only.!!

Now let's do some dissection of this transaction and you will notice that  2 bidders retract their bid at last moment.!!

There were total 14 bidders on this item.!!

I bidded on Jan 6 @ 23:19 for $311.
3**u(345) bidded on Jan 7 @ 08:11 for $316. (at this point I was not winner)
u***n(0) bidded on Jan 7 @ 10:53 for $999.

Now if you see both of them retract their bid and I was winner.!!

u**n(0) bid was cancelled by SELLER on Jan 10 @ 3:39 (after 3 days.!!)
3***u(345) retract on Jan 10 @ 6:35  ( why this bidder also retracted ?)

So again I was winner for next 18 hours.!! To me both bidders were FAKE bidders which were nothing but trying to increase price and helping seller.!! (We need to also look in to this as what are  chance of SHILL bidding)

Bidding ended on Jan 10 @ 22:38

To me it was nothing but trying to increase price!! No one is going to pay more $50 for this stamp.!! All other bidders are also trying to increase price without intention to actual intense to buy it.

Did you notice HOW I WAS CHEATED.!!! ( after 12 days I got message about paymnent but I emailed buyer about this Cheating .!!)

So what are chance of SHILL bidding in this transaction ?

Only God knows about it or SELLER knows about it as it will be very hard to nail it down unless seller do some mistake!!

Read my previous dissection of eBay transaction of Gandhi stamps where I exposed Indian Philately.!!

India Philately Exposed.
India Philately Exposed - Part 2

After reading above blog posts don't you think only eBay id's are changing, but concept or idea or principle remains same.!!

So BEWARE now it will be turn when you buy Rare and Expensive collectibles. It's happening each and every collectible items.!!! whether is not expensive collectibles items or not rare collectibles items.

There is nothing like Rare and Expensive collectibles, but it is made Rare and Expensive collectibles by increasing price.!!

I will not pay $10 for this stamp because stamp collection hobby is dying.!!

Reason for this low price is that no one collects stamps.!!

But also lot of FORGERY and SHILL bidding which is killing this hobby.!!

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Now does it make sense to collect stamps ?

But now you know my 15 steps to make money on internet.!! and following four blog post will make you expert in making money.!!



Straits Settlements stamps B/172 India stamps - Do you really think it's worth $34,500.!!?

Make sure you read all of the above blog post, so you will get idea about rare collectibles and expensive collectibles.

After reading above blog  post what do you think about this Rare and Expensive collectibles: How you will be CHEATED. ?

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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