We all don't want to DIE DUMB but sometimes in our decision will make us die DUMB.

And one of the DUMB decision will be collecting GANDHI stamps.!!!

Yes collecting GANDHI stamp is DUMB because it's nothing but CHEATING collectors  by selling FORGERIES stamps or BOGUS philatelic cover made with rubber stamps.

I was watching following video on youtube with my kids and I thought this might also apply to stamp collection also.!!

Recently I saw FORGERY cover with Gandhi stamps of Mauritius from eBay seller "arun7602" selling for $75.!! 

If you don't know what's going in stamp collection and you make DUMB decision you will DIE DUMB because you are paying for piece of paper which is not actually philatelic cover or commerical used cover.

You will be cheated by collectors who make this kind of forged cover and sell it to dealers or collectors by increasing price by SHILL bidding.

I think "arun7602" is also victim of one of the famous collector (a mole in stamp collection!!) who made this cover and  was selling on eBay and delcampe!!

Above commerical cover is nothing but a FORGERY.

If you read following reasearch blog post you will find out who are involved in this forgery.

Following are some of the screenshot from above blog post "Philatelic Fakes and Forgeries". Please click and read if you don't want to DIE DUMB.!!

So after reading above blog post, now do you agree with me that Collecting Gandhi stamps is a DUMB WAY TO DIE.

Now see following screenshot were Gandhi stamps were for sale on eBay  at very expensive price ranging from $30000 - $3000.

Do you think if you buy that you will be buy that stamps you are on you way to die dumb.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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