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Recently I saw Gandhi USSR stamp sheet which has photographic images of Gandhi on stamp issued in 1969 for sale on eBay by seller "inkwellarthouseillustrations" .

I was surprised when I saw price tag of $499 for just single stamp sheet of 30 stamps which as Mahatma Gandhi Photo on it..!!!

This is very highly overpriced selling price of  Gandhi Photographic images - Mahatma Gandhi Photos stamps and if you buy it then you will regret your whole life and very high chances are you will quit collectibles hobby.!!

If you see overall picture of stamp collection it is declining like crazy as there are no buyers of stamps even if it is Gandhi.

All you read about stamp investment by rich Indian or Chinese is nothing but glorification and all the high price item selling on eBay is nothing but SHILL bidding or not paying to seller by increasing price.

If you see following screenshot you will see that there is no buyer of this kind of stamp sheet for $8.50 from seller "antqstore".

So if you buy at $499 than chance are you will regret whole your life.!!

Now do you know how will be cheated in stamp collection.!!

Also look at another screenshot of Gandhi first day cover from USA, which is selling for $20.!!

This Gandhi photographic images first day cover don't even sell for more than 50 cents, but eBay seller "inkwellarthouseillustrations" wants $20.!!

Just waiting for some new collector to buy it, and regret it.

Also I saw lot of photographic images of Gandhi for sale. But I had seen in past reprint selling as genuine?  similar to stamps were forgery stamps are selling as genuine stamps.

So what are chances or possibilities of this.!! I am not expert in Mahatma Gandhi Photo but this is my imagination as it's very easy to reprint and sell it.

Following are some of the Mahatma Gandhi Photos for sale from $199 to $129. Looks like there are tons of Mahatma Gandhi photos available for sale.

Mahatma GANDHI Photos original by KANU GANDHI in Gurajat, India 1938

Mahatma GANDHI Photos Tours countryside Private photo, India, Pacifist, history

Mahatma GANDHI News photo Jan. 25th, 1948, India, Last Month Alive, Bapu, Rare

Original Mahatma GANDHI Photo touring Indian countryside by KANU GANDHI

Mahatma GANDHI in B&W News Photo 14th of May, 1944 India, Leader, Rare,

Mahatma GANDHI Newsphoto with Cambridge scholar Sarojini NAIDU Bombay 1942

GANDHI Newsphoto July 1945 Simla Conference, India, Bapu, Leader, Pacifist, RARE

But if you see following screenshot which has also Gandhi Photos which are selling under $10.!!

Now what  you will pay for this Mahatma Gandhi photos ?

$100 or $10.!!

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After reading all of the above blog post it's now up to you to decide about the Mahatma Gandhi Photos and Gandhi Photographic images collectibles items and Russia Gandhi stamps

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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