Expensive stamps : Are stamps for investments. ?

We all know how price are increased on eBay by SHILL bidding or by listing at high price and wait for some new buyer to buy it.

Also there is a great push for stamps investment, so some broker or auction company can make money on commission from rich people as they are not aware of CHEATING in stamp collection.

Recently I saw Gandhi stamps from Yemen , Sri Lanka and Somalia were for sale on eBay by "arun7602" for $25 each!!!

And if you buy this stamp for more than $1 or $2 than you will QUIT this hobby and regret whole life why you come in to this.!!

Of course rich people from will not invest in stamp selling for  $25 !!, but it's for medium income family who earned money very hard.!!

According to me this stamp of Mahatma Gandhi from Yemen, Sri Lanka or Somalia should not be more than $1.!! Yes $1, because it's not a unique or rare stamps of Mahatma Gandhi.

Also chances of forgery stamps are very high because it's easier to print now a days.

But if new collector see this price and find somewhere at half price they will try to buy it as they will think they got a deal, but they are ripped off!!

This is not a stamp collection but it's a stamp game, were you try to make fool (cheat) new collectors by listing at higher price and then list with other id at little lower price!!!

Now if you see following screenshot you will get idea what is the pricing of this expensive stamps.!!

It's barely $1 or $2 and it's available in large quantity, more than new collectors will come to this hobby of expensive stamp collection.!!

Even Somalia Gandhi FDC first day cover is selling for $4.!!

So don't you think this $25 for just stamps are very high or unreasonable?

Don't you think if you don't know pricing and buy this stamp then it will be expensive stamps ?

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After reading all of the above blog post it's now up to you to decide about what is stamp value and decide whether is there any  Expensive stamps.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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