Rare stamps : Are really rare stamps ?

When you collect stamps you want  RARE stamps in your collection to make it different unique collection from others.

But  rare stamps are available easily in Gandhi stamps or just someone (some group) is trying to make money by selling BOGUS(never exist) philatelic material as rare.!!

Now look at the following screenshot and you will see Courvoisier presentation folder with 1948 Gandhi stamps from India which is selling for $6600.!!

"Hélio Courvoisier S.A., La Chaux-de-Fonds" company was (1928 - 2001) world famous printers in Switzerland, with great quality (no errors) of their printing and ethical staff, who were printing all kind of stamps for different countries, but it's job is not present stamps on behalf of other countries.

It's countries postal department job to present this stamp in presentation folder.

So my personal opinion of this Courvoisier folder is BOGUS because it does not make sense that printer will come up with presentation folder.!! It should be from official postal department of that country.

But here you see it from printer.!!, which to me looks Bogus because it was never presented.

Also looking to the screenshot you will not find any information regarding stamps such as country, issuing date etc.

To me it looks like someone trying to make money by using  any folder available in market and printing "Courvoiser" or "C" on it, and that's the reason it's RARE stamps.!!

Have you ever seen courvoiser folder with other stamps?

I don't think you will ever find courvoiser folder because their job is to print stamps not to present stamps with presentation folder.!!

So it's nothing but trying to get your money by making it's rare.!!

Also presentation folder will be only one official from issuing countries, but in past 4 years I had seen more that 6 presentation folder.!!!

Also if it's a presentation folder it should have all kinds of information about stamps such as designer name, proof readers name, quantity of stamps, detail about stamps etc, but here there is no information except some bad quality printing on any folder (like marriage invitation card with string!!)

Following are some of my blog posts about rare stamps folders, so please click it and read what's going in rare stamps in world.!!

COURVOISIER STAMPS FOLDER : 1948 Gandhi Stamps from India

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If you pay more than $50 for this kind of folder then sure you will be using one of the DUMB ways to DIE.!!

What are chance of that RARE stamps are not really rare, but it is presented as RARE stamp by making it RARE by BOGUS (never exist) material. ?

So what do you think about this RARE stamps.!!?

Will you pay $6600 for this.?

I will not even pay $50 because chances of getting forgery stamps are also high because there are lot of 1948 India Gandhi stamps  forgery are available in market.

It's now up to you to decide whether to spend $6600 on this kind of rare folders or just ignore it.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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