Gandhi stamps folder brochure

 Recently I saw India Gandhi stamps 1948 genuine folder, officially issued by postal and telegraph department of India was for auction by for 3 times and sold for 2 times.!!!

This has not official special cancellation but postmark of post office "kidderpore". You all know what are this post office postmark (rubber stamps).!!

As you all know I consider private postmark nothing but FORGERY because

1) Don't make sense to skip special cancellation issued for first date of stamp.
2) Did this stamps were sold from all post office in India in 1948.!!!
3) Are stamps on this folder are REPLICA stamps or facsimile stamps ?

So after looking above image what do you think about this

This folder was sold as follow on eBay.

October 29 sold for $308 by "amazingstamps" of UK (with 4 bids and 2 bidders).
November 15  did not sold for $310 by "maharaj-us" from USA
November 30  sold for $206  by "maharaj-us" from USA(with 15 bids and 6 bidders)

Looks like it's a same Gandhi folder which was sold from 2 different countries with loss of $110 +eBay and PayPal fees.!!

Following are bidders who bidded on it.!!

It was not sold for $310

 so what do you think about this eBay transaction!!

Did eBay and PayPal got commission on both sale?

Following is Gandhi Leather folder with Specimen stamp sold as RARE stamps (Both are BOGUS or forgery). It's all ILLEGAL use of Emblem of India even before it was Emblem.!!


Following is another Gandhi stamps folder sold as printers folder.!!


So what do  you think about this Gandhi stamps folder.?

Gandhi stamps club.

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