Rare indian stamps value - British India stamp value

We know Rare Indian stamps are not easy to find and rare Indian stamps value is also very high because they are very very scare.

Look at the following rare Indian stamps value of King Edward 25 Rupees stamps from India issued in 1902 during British India rule and you decide Rare indian stamps value - British India stamp value.

In 1902 it will be very hard for collectors (except Royal family or very rich during British India) to spent 25 rupees for this stamp, but they are available in plenty, because of facsimile stamps or replica stamps selling as GENUINE or Original stamps.

Also it will be seldomly seen by Indian stamp collector during that time or also today.!! Also same will apply for common British stamp collector to have it in their possession during that time and also today.!!

And that's the reason you see facsimile stamps as Mint as well as USED stamp with forged rubber stamp.!!

When there is scarcity it's mother of invention and stamp dealer or greedy collector invented following things.

1) Selling of Facsimile stamps as genuine
2) Glorification of forgery stamps or philatelic material by Shill Bidding and exhibiting in stamps collection or donation to stamp  or philatelic museum. (It should look precious, unique, rare)
3) Forgery philatelic material with forged rubber stamps
4) Bogus philatelic material which never exist.
5) Even philatelic jury committe or stamp exhibition judges start giving medal to forgery items.!! (Gandhi exhibit with 2009 Winnenden Germany cancellation)

As I mentioned in my previous blog post that when stamps are scared there is forgery in order to make money.!!

Click following link to read my blog post about King Edward stamps, King George stamps and other British India stamps which will explain you what is RARE INDIAN STAMPS VALUE and think are they really Rare Indian stamps?

We had seen this King George and King Edward stamps available as facsimile or replica, which don't have gum.

But we all know what is REGUMMING and if you don't know click following link to read more.

Now compare following FACSIMILE stamps (fake stamps, replica stamps, forgery stamps) of King George and compare with India 1902 King Edward stamps.

So you can money (lot of money) by selling this kind of stamps as GENUINE by applying various techniques such as regumming, shill bidding to sell it as MINT stamps so Rare indian stamps value - British India stamp value increases.

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Now does it make sense to collect stamps after looking above blog posts?

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