Most Expensive Stamps - O.H.M.S covers

O.H.M.S., is short for On Her Majesty's Service or On His Majesty's Service (depending on the sex of the reigning monarch), is an official franking commonly seen on correspondence from government departments during British Rule in India as well as other countries where British were ruling.

Why handwritten O.H.M.S ?

Not sure why someone will write with pen O.H.M.S on cover even after 17+ months of India Independence from British.!! 

But my guess is by hand writing it they want to prove it's genuine and make it one of the most expensive stamp in Gandhi stamp collection.!!

This kind of thing happens when you do some thing wrong and keep some proof which will help to find the mystery.!! 

This cover was send by C. Rajagopalachari  ( a very simple person) who was first governor general of India from June 1948 until 26 January 1950 but not a British official employee. So why O.H.M.S is hand written on it ?

There is a rubber stamp of his name on the cover.!!  But dealers/collectors greedness is destroying C. Rajagopalachari's  image.!!

Now this O.H.M.S philatelic cover was for auction starting at $69,000 or 50,000 Euros.!!! If it was sold than it will be one of the most expensive stamp collection item.!!

O.M.G!! Don't you think you just need one of this cover (expensive stamp) so you can live your whole life easily!!! It's almost 40+ Lakh rupees Indian money (40,00,000 Rupees or 4 million Rs.!!)

You can make one and try to make money.!! (Just Kidding.!!)

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To me it's nothing but forgery to make and feel like it's genuine without thinking whether it make sense to write O.H.M.S.!!

So what do you think about this cover ? Is it official cover or just a big forgery.!! ?

To me it looks like a big time forgery !!

Look  at following detail screenshot and you decide.whether it's forgery or genuine.!!

1) Following is official forgery . (Most Expensive stamp or philatelic material if genuine.!!)

Forgery of complete cover is also available with O.H.M.S cover with Gandhi SERVICE stamp and Governor General Camp PO. Click following link to read about it.

World RARE expensive stamps.

2) Also we have seen O.H.M.S covers as well as on piece of paper.!!

Click my following link to read about this 3 piece on paper or cover and you decide what it is.!!


There are 2 possibilities in this most valuable postage stamps, which are

1) All three are forged ?
2) One is genuine and other two are forged.?

Here we need to find out which alphabet is forged and depending on that we can guess which piece of paper is forged or Governor General cover is forged.

You need to compare alphabets "ICE." with all of the above three images and  "TY'S SERVICE" with other two.

This is OHMS (On His MajeSTY'S SERVICE) covers.!!, which were printed during British India rule and they were using after 2+ years of Independence.!!

Do they look similar even though it was piece of paper from same Governor General Office.!!

Do they look similar when you compare quality and type of paper used by Governor office.!!

Look at the quality of printing of OHMS (On His Majesty's Service) on covers!!

To me all 3 look different and it's very hard for me think as Genuine, so I will consider all 3 are forged and of course I will not consider most valuable postage stamp.!!

3) Compare O.H.M.S - On His Majesty's Service (type and size of alphabets, printing quality etc), of Gandhi SERVICE  covers with following similar 1940 covers from India.

Want to read more about this O.H.M.S cover then please read my previous blog post.

Most Valuable postage stamps

We had seen this in  Gandhi stamp collection, were everyone think they are smarter than other.!!! Do you think this apply to other BRITISH INDIA stamp also.

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Now does it make sense to collect stamps after looking above blog posts?

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