IMPERF stamps - stamp investing.

In past I bought some IMPERF stamps but now I avoid completely, after understanding how some collectors turned dealer make money by making FORGERY or BOGUS(never exist) material and sell it as Genuine IMPERF stamp.!!

Recently I saw 2008 Gandhi IMPERF stamps (without zigzag cutting) and I was wondering how easy is to make this kind of IMPERF stamp and sell it.!!

Following is IMPERF stamp of 2008 Gandhi from India and not sure whether it's was available to general public or not.!! I don't it was available to general public otherwise it will be not that expensive.!!!

What do you think about this IMPERF stamp, is it's stolen from printing waste or forgery stamps.!! and this kind of IMPERF stamp can be made in to error stamp.!!!

Following screenshot is from eBay seller "alphaomegaphilately"  were this 1 rupee stamp is for sale or $20. It's lot of money if you compare $20 to Indian money which is 1200 rupees. !!

So think stamp investing in 5 years. It's 3000% return on investment .!!

If they sell it just PERF stamp no one will buy it, but this is how you make money on internet.

It's ART of Making MONEY.!! Click following link to read my blog post.

"Art of Making Money - Philately Greed"

So what are chances of this as forgery.?

When ever there is lot of profit I usually suspect that stamps, because it does not make sense if it was available freely in market.!!!

If you compare following screenshot this $20 for 4 stamps with full sheet of 100 stamps was not even sold for $10.!!

Now think stamp investing make sense.!!

But it make sense to create forgery stamps and sell it as genuine stamps, which will make sense of stamp investing.!!

If you compare above imperf stamp with following screen shot of 1971 Great Britain Postal Strike stamp you will think it's easy.!! (BTW there was no imperf stamp of 1971 Great Britain postal strike).

Look at the following screen shot of 1971 Great Britain Postal Strike stamp. This stamp is forgery stamp or facsimile stamp.

Now don't you think same is possible for any stamp which can make forgery.

Following is facsimile or replica or photocopy stamp. If we can see this kind of quality in PERF stamp than don't you think it's easy to make IMPERF stamp as it will not required cutting perforation.!!

Also when you see certain philatelic handbook you will find more information about IMPERF stamps so it will be glorified and collector will try to buy it.

But to me IMPERF stamp is nothing but forgery done with modern printers and photoshop.!!

Click to read more about following stamp.

Beware this is what you will get (forgery stamp) even if you pay full price of this stamp!!

So what do you think about this IMPERF stamps?

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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