Martin Luther King stamps - Gabon Stamps : Does any one wants to collect stamps ?

Not sure were stamp collection is heading, because I see every day low price or stamps are not selling at all and prices are coming down everyday.

Looks like stamp collection hobby is over and my questions is "Does any one wants to collect stamps?"

Recently I saw Gabon stamps from 1969 Martin Luther King stamps and Mahatma Gandhi stamps first day cover  which was sold for $5.!!!

After 44+ years and one of the 2 famous people stamp on this FDC does not bring any value.!!

After looking to this value to me it looks like no one wants to collect stamps in this modern world, because there are lot of others things to do, such as play video games on ipad, xbox, gamecube or on internet surf on web or facebook or lot of other outdoor activity such a hiking, skating, running etc or watch different shows on TV or sports games such as Cricket or Football or Basketball or just talking on smartphone or chating.!!

After all this kind of things you don't get any more extra time to pursue your hobby of stamp collection were not that many people are involved and you feel like retard when you talk to friends.!!

So what do you think about this Martin Luther King Stamps ?

Also there are lot of cheating such as Forgery stamps, Shill bidding, BOGUS philatelic material  involved in stamps collection.

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Now does it make sense to collect stamps ?

Gandhi Stamps Club.

1 comment:

  1. I don't think it's the Gandhi or King stamp, it's the Gabon stamps. We all know that African stamps and Arabian, Pacific Ocean stamps are issued as toiletpaper, only ment to let the stamp collector pay a lot of money and are of no value for the stamp collection.



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