Stamp Collection Price : How to increase price of your stamp collection.

You might be thinking about stamp collection price all the time and thinking that your collection value is going up and it's a best investment you did, but chances are that you have forged or replica material in your collection and when you try to sell, buyer will not pay.!!!

This is common practice in Gandhi stamp collection.!! So you might be thinking why this is happening.

First thing you need to know is "How to increase price of your stamp collection" ?  It's easy by increasing price and don't pay to seller.!!!

Recently I saw it again.!!!  Same thing again and again it's happening!!!

Increase the price by bidding it and than don't pay (buy it). In this way you can show the world that Gandhi collection is very precious and one of a kind and lot of collectors are interested in buying it and it's indeed good investment.!!

All of this is BOGUS.!!

And guess what it's again done by "hitlerandgandhi" who has done this since last 4+ years and don't pay.

Click following link to read my blog post about "HITLERandGANDHI" and think about it.

On November 14, Mahatma Gandhi 1948 stamps from India affixed on registercover to make private FDC first day cover was sold for $2411.!!

But it's again for sale for for $2371.!!

It's a great push to spread this Private FDC as one of a kind to different place around the world from different town in India with Forged postmark of postoffice and "JaiHind" special cancelleation which are very easy to make as it is just a rubber stamps!!

You will read good things about this kind of private first day cover and used covers of Gandhi stamps in stamp exhibit or philatelic handbook , but it's nothing but incorrect representation.!!

Read my blog post about "BIGGEST SCANDAL or SCAM in stamp collection history"

Following is bidders list and look at it how to increase price.!!! Anyone can increase price by opening multiple account and bidding it.!! 

You don't have to pay to open account or to bid.!!! So sky is the limit to increase price of your stamp collection.

And if you win than you don't have to pay.!!! No one is going to come after you, even you are involved in stamp collection SCAM.!!

It's good that it stop at $2411, but it can go to $24000 also and you don't have to believe it.!!!

Following is screenshot from eBay which shows that same register cover #732 (just printed label) is again for sale for $2371 !! 

It's not only happening in 1948 Gandhi First Day cover from India but it's also happening in Mint and Used stamps also.!!


Majority of current sale of 1948 Gandhi stamps are Replica or facsimile which are sold as Genuine.!!!

So beware what are you buying it.!!

My best advice will be stay away from Gandhi stamps collection and let other collect it.!!!

If you have it (like me) than try to do more research about and think what happen to you and who did it and spread the word, and avoid others to fall in this big stamp collection SCAM or SCANDAL.!!

Other famous CHEATING by non paying to seller are

1) Private 1948 Gandhi FDC sold by "buyersellers-australia"
2) Round table conference cancellation bought by "echobangla
3) 1948 Gandhi Courvoisier stamp Folder
4) Gandhi SERVICE stamps sold by afjs58 and buyer "shafiqshah" did not paid

And there are more than 50 blog post just related to non paying buyers.!!! So go and research it and don't even try to follow any online exhibit or think about stamp exhibition or philatelic handbook.!!! 

Use your own judgment and take your own decision, otherwise you will regret like hell. And ofcourse don't take advice of any Gandhi stamp collector because all of them don't want to speak up because it's affecting there stamp collection price.!!

Everyone wants to increase price of their own collection.!!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

On side note :

"Also most of the philatelic material with Gandhi stamps is FAKE or FORGERY or BOGUS (never exist) and it has been glorified by collectors by exhibiting in stamp show, online exhibit, philatelic handbook and even blogs.

Also some of the BOGUS philatelic material (never exist) even won Medal.!! Not sure what PHILATELIC JUDGES are looking to very authenticity of the material because philatelic handbook has all incorrect information, because it has been send by collector who wants to glorify forgery material..!!

One of the famous forgery of BOGUS cancellation from Winneden Germany with illegal use of Emblem of India issued on October 2nd to celebrate Non Violence Day because there were 16 high school kids were killed on March 11, 2009 which even won a Medal.!!!

Read my blog post about famous forgery about bogus Germany cancellation.


So think about it

If someone try to make BOGUS cancellation in 2009, than you will not aware of what happen in 1948 or 1949 or 1950 or 1960 or 1970 or 1980 or 1990 or 2000 "

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