Einstein - Shakespeare - Churchill stamps : Do you think it's worth to even collect stamps.!!

Gibraltar issued  Einstein stamp, Shakespeare stamp, Churchill stamp and Gandhi stamp in 1998 as WORDS OF WISDOM / STAMPS OF WISDOM.

Even though this is one of the world most famous people stamps there is only one bid for this stamps and it only sold for $11 even though it's stamps of Einstein - Shakespeare - Churchill  and Gandhi stamps.

In past just Gandhi sheet was sold for $22.!!!

What a decline in stamp collection value for buyer, and what a relief for seller "bobby92".

I also saw just only Gandhi stamp sheet selling for $30.!! What a ripoff if you buy it. So make sure what price you are buying it.!!

So after looking above screen shot what you think.

Does it make sense to collect stamps in this modern technology world were there are lot of things to do such as playing video games, facebook, snapchat, watching tv etc.!!

So what your's WORDS OF WISDOM ?

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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