Stamp collection value - Tchad Gandhi 1969 stamps

We all know that stamp collection value is declining and almost no buyer for any philatelic material even Gandhi stamps don't have any value.!!

You can see following screenshot of recent sale of Tchad 1969 Mahatma Gandhi FDC. It was sold only for $2, even after 44+ years.!!

Does it make sense to collect Tchad stamps if it is not appreciated even after 40+ years and one of the most popular thematic collection in world and specially in India.!!!

Don't you think stamp collection value is declining.!!

Reason for such a great decline is that no one wants to collect stamps, but you might wondering when you see some high price stamps and philatelic material are sold on eBay.

According to me it's nothing but FAKE sale or transaction were price is tremendously increased by SHILL bidding in order to glorified and to show the new collector that lot of bidder are bidding on it.!!!

Also most of the philatelic material with Gandhi stamps is FAKE or FORGERY or BOGUS (never exist) and it has been glorified by collectors by exhibiting in stamp show, online exhibit, philatelic handbook and even blogs.

Also some of the BOGUS philatelic material (never exist) even won Medal.!! Not sure what PHILATELIC JUDGES are looking to very authenticity of the material because philatelic handbook has all incorrect information, because it has been send by collector who wants to glorify forgery material..!!

One of the famous forgery of BOGUS cancellation from Winneden Germany with illegal use of Emblem of India issued on October 2nd to celebrate Non Violence Day because there were 16 high school kids were killed on March 11, 2009 which even won a Medal.!!!

Read my blog post about famous forgery about bogus Germany cancellation.


So beware what are you collecting.

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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