EMBLEM OF INDIA - Gandhi stamps

If you draw cartoon of Emblem of India to oppose corruption than chance are you will get arrested and have to go in jail.!! 

Click following link to read why Aseem Trivedi was arrested and also spend time in jail for expressing freedom of speech by drawing cartoon of  Emblem of India or National Emblem.

But if you FORGED Emblem of India for stamp collection chances are you will not get arrested or no jail time as no one cares about it.!!

We all know ma-collectorshop or mirokari sells FACSIMILE or FAKE stamps, by letting buyer knows it's fake stamps. Also selling price is  very low, so any collector can have that expensive stamp which are missing in their collection. (They mentioned that it's forgery stamps so it's OK to sell on eBay).

But recently I saw him/her selling EMBLEM OF INDIA, which is completely illegal to use without permission from Government of India, so I am not sure what  is this ? Is it emblem of India rubber stamp or some stamps ?

Following screenshot is for "2x Set of 4 offic for SPEEDBIRD1*"

So not sure what is this "Set of 4" ?

What is speedbird1*?

But my guess is eBay id "speedbird1*" (aka "bipin8") since 2004.!!

So what  can happen to buyer and seller for this illegal usage of Emblem of India.?

Click following blog post to read WHO can use Emblem of India and what happens if you use it ILLEGALLY.


Following are 3 famous ILLEGAL usage of Emblem of India.

In  2009 Mahatma Gandhi  and Emblem of India  forged rubber stamp was used to create some forged philatelic material from Winnenden, Germany issued on Mahatma Gandhi birthday October 2nd, which is also celebrated as International Non Violence Day to spread message of peace in 6 months after high school shooting incident in Winneden.!! ( For money they don't care about any human value. Can go any extent to make money.!!)

So if they can make it in 2009 they can  do it in 1969 or 1970 or 1948 and god knows what happen during that time and some of the forged stamps and stamp material is coming out right now or made in last 5 years because of false demand of Gandhi stamps.!!

Following is another ILLEGAL use of Emblem of India in 1948 folder.!!! It's nothing new that Emblem of India is used ILLEGALLY !! to make money by showing it as a RARE or UNIQUE or to prove authenticity of forgery philatelic material.!!!

Not sure who issued it as nothing mentioned on this folder such as printer's name or government agency name. Even Indian government Post and Telegraph department was not aware of this leather folder issue and in 1948 it was not even official Emblem of India.!!

Click more to read about this rare stamps specimen folder  http://gandhistampsclub.blogspot.com/2013/03/rare-stamps.html

Why Emblem of India was printed on it in 1948 before it was officially declared as Emblem of India in 1950 ?

  • Even emblem of India was not printed on official booklet or folder of 1948 Gandhi stamps which were available to general public, because it was not official until 1950.!! So why on this leather folder.!! 
  • Do you think Courvoisier stamp printers from Switzerland will try to use Illegal Emblem of India.(I don't think so.!!)
  • Why only Emblem of India is engraved on leather folder.!! Why nothing like POST & TELEGRAPH of India or Gandhi Memorial stamp etc.

Following is another example of Illegal Usage of Emblem of India from Brazil from Taiwan.!!

So beware when you look for EMBLEM of India on philatelic material.!!!

It's all forgery or Bogus.!! But no one in India  has time to focus on this kind of forgery !!, because there are lot of other things need to worry about such as water, electricity and of course corrupution!!

So who are involved in this ILLEGAL use of EMBLEM of India on Gandhi stamps collection philatelic material.!!? Do any one care about ILLEGAL usage of Emblem of India ?

So don't you think EMBLEM of India is used to HIDE forgery so no one can question.!!?, but by doing this they are doing ILLEGAL activity.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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