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Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

Following are 2 reproduction stamps used on reproduction of forgery cover.!! Gandhi SERVICE stamp(Pink color) of 10 Rupees value is one of the RARE stamp(Only 100 printed). Both stamps are forged stamp (reprinted) as well as forged cancellation.!!

If you are not aware of this kind of philatelic material you might buy it thinking you are lucky.!!

In past we had seen following stamps which was FORGERY of 1948 Gandhi 10 Rupees SERVICE stamp with cancellation from Governor General of India. If it was Genuine than price might be more than US $200,000. (Yes more than two hundred thousand US dollars.)

Mint stamp was for sell on eBay for 225,000K.!! In May 2012 David Feldman auction house sold this stamp for €144,000 (US$ 205,000) when buyer's premium is included.!!

Not sure above stamp is Genuine or Forged ( facsimile or copy), because it's very hard to find genuine as it's hidden because only 100 were printed.

I don't know who will buy this expensive stamp from eBay.!!!

Following is the screenshot of Reproduction of India 1948 Gandhi SERVICE stamp of 1 1/2 anna and 10 Rupees stamp on Cover.!! Yes on cover.

It's not photocopy but forged with forged stamps and forged cancellation.!!

This will be very RARE item if it is Genuine. I am not sure whether original cover of this  reproduction cover was Genine or Forged also.!!

Above cover is selling for $8 or lower if you make offer.!!

I had seen covers like this with single stamp selling as Genuine for more than $10000.!! But to me it looks like FORGERY after seeing unbelievable things in Gandhi Philatelic.

As we all know that BPA and RPSL certificate are REUSED to sell forged stamps.

Also after seeing all kinds of FORGERY in philatelic world, I don't have any question that there might be FORGED BPA certificates as well as RPSL Certificate from expertising society of London.

Following are some blog post which will make you think that all this RARE stamps are not really RARE stamps.!!

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So beware what you are going in to.

Read some of interesting blog post to see how CHEATERS are working to get your money by selling forgery or Bogus gandhi stamps.!!

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  1. I have inherited my grandmothers stamp collection. She collected for over 80 years. Most are from friends and business. She has 1 1948 Mahatma Gandhi 1 1/2 as stamp. It is cancelled, and has what looks like the remnants of a package on the back. How do I, a non-trained eye, determine if it is real? She was a very good collector.



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