Error Stamps OR Printing Waste ? : Is it a STOLEN property ? Philatelic JUDGES should reject this kind of STOLEN philatelic material.!!

Hello Gandhi stamp collectors,

Genuine errors stamps are UNCOMMON or even RARE as postal administrations have several layers of quality control and inspection, and most printing problems are addressed before the stamps ever reach the public. (Taken from Postage Stamp Error from Wikipedia)

My personal opinion or  personal view about following India Gandhi ERROR stamps are STOLEN goods or property because Indian postal department (Post & Telegraph)  have several layers of quality control and inspection, and most printing problems are addressed before the stamps ever reach the public.

Also if you see sheer quantity of Gandhi Error stamps from India available on eBay is amazing. I have seen more than 1000 just from India.!! (Can you consider this quantity as RARE.!!)

Don't you think India Post & Telegraph has one of the best quality control and inspection.? But I am not sure about what they do with all the waste or how they handle it after found during quality control.!

Don't you think this kinds of stamps should not be allowed in Stamp Exhibition and Philatelic JUDGES should reject this stamp exhibit instead of giving more points or medal for this kind of stolen products or FAKE philatelic material such as special cancellation.?

In my previous blog posts I wrote about Error stamps of India and How to Create Error stamps. In this blog post I am displaying images of that ERROR stamps of Gandhi and you decide whether this ERROR stamps makes sense.

Please read my other blog posts before going through this blog post.

Now look at the following screenshot of Gandhi ERROR stamp which are sold as "Double Perf Error stamp", "Dry Print Error stamp", "Mis Perf Error stamp", "Printing Error", "Unprinted Error", "Color missing error", "Spectacular Ink Blob" etc.

Does it makes sense this kind of stamps from India available to general public for sale? 

Also stamps of India are printed by Government of India not like other smaller countries who outsource their stamp printing. We don't see this kind of ERRORS from this outsource stamp dealers/printers who print stamps for small countries so how come we can see this many ERRORS stamps from India.!!

According to me this all are collection of WASTE (trial print or perf) which should be shredded or burned, but it's available for SALE.!!

Of course some are forgery using chemical such as color blop or missing year on stamp (or might be waste also), but others are nothing but stolen from collection of waste.!!

Do you think Indian postal administrations don't have quality control and inspection?

So what do you think about this waste ?

Is it waste or ERROR stamps.?

My personal opinion or my personal view about this ERROR stamps is WASTE and it needs to be investigate as STOLEN goods or products because how it available for sale.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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