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Hello Gandhi stamps collectors,

“I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think” ― Socrates

Recently I read following on eBay auction by seller from Taiwain "tw123tw". (click link to see).

“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.”  ― Albert Einstein

Let me make sure I am not jealous, because I only collect Gandhi stamps and I don't have this kind of stamps to sell.!!

Also I would love to get paid for writing, but no one has offered me.!! This is new thing I learned about paid writing for stamps.!!! 

We all know what kind of replica, facsimile or BOGUS stamps of Mahatma Gandhi is available with wide varieties of Overprint, Specimen etc. This can be applied to any stamps (expensive, rare) and forgeries are printed and sold.!!

This is not only in Gandhi stamps but also in all Great Britain stamps of King Edward, King George, Queen Victoria stamps as they were ruling every where in 1800 and 1900.!!

Let me make sure that I am not writing or certifying that this stamps are forgery. It's up to you to decide when you buy this stamps. I am just doing my comparison(free) of Gandhi stamps with India Pre-Independence stamps, Great Britain stamps so stamp collectors don't get cheated and regret collecting stamps because they pay high price and take pride in their collection and when they find out that they got forgery they stop collecting stamps. 

I am trying to bring awareness in stamp collecting world so they don't get cheated by eBay or delcampe seller's not only by getting forgery stamps, but also inflating price by shill bidding or not paying to seller and all kind of illegal trading practice.

It's up to you to decide it's forgery or facsimile, or value of stamps etc.

From following 3 images can you tell which is Genuine or Forgery (facsimile, replica, copy) or all are forgeries.!! ?

It's very hard to tell which one is genuine or forgery because no one know how genuine looks like and thinks all stamps are genuine.!!

But as per seller "ma-collectorshop"  of this stamps two are replica stamps (Cyprus and Natal) were as third one is genuine as per seller "tw123tw".!!

Now after looking above 3 images what is your opinion of this King Edward stamps which are also sold as K ED stamps or KED stamps.

Do you see any difference between them ? ( I don't!!)

Don't you think it's very easy to make (print) this kind of old stamps which are very rare to be mint stamps.!! ( I think so)

Now if you see seller"ma-collectorshop" selling as replica is selling this stamps under $10 were as seller "tw123tw" selling as "Fresh Mint Stamps" is selling for $200.!!

So what do you think that price it self will indicate it's genuine or forgery.!!

Following are screenshot with detail description of item and you decide as that's your money will be investing in stamps.

Also you can read my blog posts about Great Britain stamps of King Edward, King George, Queen Victoria stamps and compare yourself.!!

Again let me make sure I don't certify stamps as forgery. It's up to you to decide as it's your money. 

I just make you think and understand so you do better in your collection.!!

So what do you think and understand ?

“When you know better you do better.” ― Maya Angelou

Gandhi Stamps Club.

============  My previous blog post about King Edward stamps forgery ? ================

King George V and King Edward stamps from British India : What are chances of getting a FORGED stamps.?

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Forgery in stamp collection and philatelic material is nothing new. It has been going around since last 150 years since Penny Black first every stamp issued by Great Britain. But the quantity  and quality of forged stamps we see in today's world is unbelievable.

It's hard which one is REAL and which one is FAKE. And if it is on used cover or register cover with forged postmark cancellation it will be impossible for new or regular collector.!!

In Indian stamps and philately specially in Gandhi collection we have seen lot of forgery stamps and philatelic materials, some of them are following.

3) Forged 1948 Gandhi Mourning first day cover.(different way to mourn.!!)

Looks like Gandhi stamps and philatelic material have all kinds of Forgery.!!! including Indian Philatelic items such as 1911 First Aerial Mail from Allahabad and 1854 Queen Victoria stamps.!!

But recently I saw some British India stamp from early 1900 of King George and  King Edward on eBay sold or available from $2000 to $250!!  I am not even thinking that following are Forged stamps.

But I think a lot so one of my thinking came out of my mind is "What are the chances of this British India stamps are Forged?".

We all know that in China/Taiwan there are plenty of Forged products of famous brand name are available in plenty and people are buying it at 1/10 price such as Coach, Gucci and Burberry women's purses  are available and lot of other things such as Rolex watches.!! 

All this forged product which required lot of labor work and wide varieties of different materials and machinery to forged this famous products but so don't you think it's easier to just print on piece of paper and then perforated it to make a forged stamp than making all other Forged products.!!?

So what are the chance of this stamps  (PRINTED PAPER).!!!?? (Again I am not saying following are forged British India stamps.) 

Just think what are the chances or possibility of Printed Paper not a stamp.!!

Start thinking about all possible things in order to succeed in philately because technology in printing as well as selling method (SHILL BIDDING) is changed a lot in last 10 years.!!! which is driving the price and quality of Forged stamp which is hard to think that's is forged, which no one can believe it.!!

My personal view about pricing of following British India stamp of King George V and King Edward is INFLATED.  That means it does not deserve this much premium but I think price is jacked up.!!

King George 25 Rupees stamp from India Postage, sold for $291

India 25 Rupees King George V stamp with overprint SERVICE, sold for $222.

King George V 25 Rupees stamps from British India, sold for $250

King Edward postage stamp from British India, sold for $246
King Edward 15 and 25 Rupees Stamp from British India from "Taiwan" for $1990 (still available)

Following are Forgery King Edward and King George stamps KGV stamps from Central Africa and Nigeria. Compare above stamps with this and think what are the chances.

Also you can read my previous blog post about King Edward and Kin George stamps.

Now you might be wondering what above stamps and following ERROR stamp from India has to do with Gandhi stamps and King George V, King Edward and Queen Victoria philatelic collection.!!

But looking to the price it's sell it make forger to print this and sell it instead of making forged famous product and get caught by that multinational companies.

Where as making forged stamp no one has time to go after them.!! so it's a safe bet.

Following is the error stamp. In  1992 India Year Pack of commemorative stamps, the lowest value of the Birds of Prey set was discovered to be a 1 r. value, instead of 2 r. as generally issued. The 1 r. value also included the species description for the 6 r. value from the same set.

Left side stamp is GENUINE where as right side is FORGED copy of error stamp.

We see lot of FORGED 1948 India Gandhi mint stamps which makes me compare to Forged Indian Bird Prey stamp with error. Following are some FORGED 1948 India Gandhi stamps which are sold as copy, replica, proof and facsimile (even genuine, rare etc).

All of the above 1948 GANDHI stamps from India is FORGED (FAKE).

You will not able to believe it that following is the Forged stamp probably printed with help of high scanner or in China which is more easier than making forged Coach, Gucci purses or Rolex watches.!!

Seller "posthedge" from USA also mentioned it's FORGED.

Seller description of above stamp

" This type of forgery is nothing unusual - the 10Rs Gandhi stamp (the whole set actually) has been extensively forged. The forged SERVICE overprint is abundantly available. Even worse, there are many older genuine RPSL and BPA certificates (for the 10Rs Service stamp) that are floating and have been used to pass of forgeries.The red cross missing stamp and the bird of prey that recently appeared in auction houses were also determined to be fake when they were sent for certification after auction "

"One of the genuine stamps also has two certificates issued on it - which means a genuine certicate may be available to pass off a forgery. So it is not merely enough to buy a stamp with the certificate , but as always to ensure that the stamp belongs to the certificate and that the certificate itself is legitimate by writing to/emailing the BPA directly (as certificates have also been forged)."

Enlarge above screenshot to read about BPA and RPLS. !! It's amazing that expertising certificate are used to pass of forgeries.!!

But recently I saw similar stamp sold for $811 from Taiwan seller "vivistamp2009" even without mentioning that this is FORGED or GENUINE.  Only thing is that SEE THE SCAN.!!

Do you think this is a GENUINE stamp with error.? I don't think so as there are very less quantity available and it will not sell for $800 it might sold for higher price around $2000-$5000 (just my guess).!!

So what next time any seller can make it happen to $5000 by shill bidding (bidding with other account or philatelic friend might help the seller.!!)

I just gave you the point to think that what are the chances of FORGED stamp in British India Pre-Independence specially in King George Stamps and King Edward stamps.

So if you can find Forged 1948 Gandhi stamps and Forged 1992 Bird prey stamp with error then  what are the chances of other expensive British India stamps of King George V, King Edward and other Indian stamps which I mentioned in start of the blog post.

Please read following series of my blog post  to understand what is going on stamp collecting world specially in Indian Philatelic material with 1948 Gandhi stamps.

Gandhi Stamps Club

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