India King Edward 25 Rupees Stamp

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Recently on eBay I saw 1902 King Edward India 25 Rupees Stamp of India(British India) and it was sold for $2150!! 

Do you really think this stamp is worth $2150, when stamp collection is declining very fast, so we need to look in to this ???????

After reading description I was surprised that this stamp is very rare than 1948 India Gandhi 10 Rupees Stamp, so I decided lets' do some research outside my collection topic.!!

Before you read my blog post, please read MSNBC article about "The Stamp Racquet Stickiest SCAM on the Internet"

READ MORE @ http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/17171372/
We had seen lot of Replica or Facsimile or Photocopy stamp of 1948 Gandhi stamps from India as well as other following  British Central Africa 1907 KE stamp and 1904 King Edward stamp from Northern Nigeria.

Yes it is replica of King Edward Stamp.!! which was sold only for $5.!! and that's also for two stamps.

Looks like higher the face value of stamps such as 25 Rupees KE stamp from India, 25 Pounds King Edward stamp from Northern Nigeria, 10 Shilling KE stamp from Southern Niegeria higher the chances.

So looking to above 2 King Edward stamp what are chances of following 1907 KE Southern Nigeria King Edward stamp SG43 which is selling on eBay. If we can see see Nigeria 1904 KE stamp, British India King Edward stamp as replica then we need to think about this.

We had seen this in  Gandhi stamp collection, were everyone think they are smarter than other.!!! Do you think this apply to other BRITISH INDIA stamp also.

Click one of the following link and you will become smarter.!!

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Now does it make sense to collect stamps after looking above blog posts?

As this is very RARE than 1948 India Gandhi 10 Rupees stamp what are the chances of facsimile  of this 25 Rupees stamp ? I think chances are very high if we compare with Gandhi 1948 Stamps facsimile which are currently selling as facsimile 1948 Gandhi 10 Rs. in huge quantity.

Read my following blog post to understand what's going in Gandhi 10 Rupees stamps (facsimile world) and then make sure about any expensive stamps.

So when price is high (expensive) it needs to be make sure that you are not getting any facsimile or photocopy of stamps.!!

Following are some of the FAKE items we are aware off.

1) Fake Pictorial Postmark Cancel To make collection unique or money.!!
2) Fake Postcards Just to make little money.!!
3) Fake seller (pretending from different country or trying to outbid .!!)
4) FAKE Error Stamp (to make money!!)

This 25 Rupees King Edward stamp from India (eBay item #  2007-5036-3969) was sold by ebay seller "simrenzo1" from Australia for $2150 only for single stamp with 17 bidders bidding on it.!!!!! 

Do you think this is a Genuine Transaction? ( Forget about Genuine transaction, Yes I am talking about Genuine or Real or Authentic transaction!!! where seller paid all fees to eBay and buyer never return this item!!!)

Looks like eBay is really making money on this King Edward sale as eBay will get around $150 or more (including PayPal) commission on this just single stamp sale. So eBay shareholder will do good.!! (I own eBay share/stock.!!)

From the above I see lot of  SIMILARITIES  with Gandhi Stamps seller and buyer.!!!!!! 

O.M.G!! Do you think a big game or scam?

But when I saw full set of King Edward India stamp of 2, 3,5,10,15, 25 Rupees along with some overprint (OHMS) stamps on 25 Rupees, 15 Rupees, 10 Rupees and other 10 stamps of lower value of pies and annas, just selling (Buy it Now) for $2450 from Taipei, Taiwan by "tw123tw" (unmabc).

You know what happen in China/Taiwan. You can find everything FAKE such as Gucci, Coach, Rolex etc. If that's possible how about just printing on  paper.!!

BTW : No buyer yet for this set of 20 stamp.!!

I am not sure why no buyer, but that's not what this blog post is about, but it's to bring awareness about facsimile, shill bidding and pricing going around in stamp collection hobby even though stamp hobby is declining.!!

 So when the price is high (expensive) it needs to be make sure that you are not getting any facsimile or getting ripped off by shill bidding !!

Please read following series of my blog post  to understand what is going on stamp collecting world specially in Indian Philatelic materials.

Looking to current philately  trend I think this stamp is not worth what it is selling for !! so beware before you buy it.

Ketankumar Patel.

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