Possible FAKE Gandhi China Postcard ( postal stationery , Articles postaux ) Gandhi and Formula Car Postcard from China

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Recently I saw 50+ Gandhi Postcard with different pictures from China selling on delcampe. It looks like postcard is officially issued from "The People's Republic of China" postal service because China stamp with 80 Yuan(whatever amount) is printed on this. My first look is this is official without any research. But...

After doing some research I think all this Gandhi postcards from China are possibly FAKE(Not issued officially by China Postal Service).

Reason for this conclusion is

1) How can 50+ different Gandhi postcards is issued from China. Gandhi is related to Human Rights, Peace, Non-Violence etc. Even Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other countries don't have any official stamp or stationary than how can it be from China.!!
2) Barcode & AA number is same on all China Gandhi postcards.
3) Also same Barcode & AA number on Gandhi Postcard is also on other postcards from china.(same number on 2 different theme of postcards.)

In this case Barcode & AA # is same on Gandhi & Formula Car Postcard.!!

You can see both postcards on delcampe website by clicking following link. Check for Barcode # & AA # which is same.

Formula Car Postcard:- http://stamps.delcampe.net/item.php?language=E&id=89334282
Gandhi Postcard:- http://stamps.delcampe.net/item.php?language=E&id=88161481
Gandhi Postcard:- http://stamps.delcampe.net/item.php?language=E&id=88159778

You can search on delcampe for 50+ Gandhi postcards from China and you will see same Barcode and AA # with 10+ Formula car postcards.

Also Check following screen shot from delcampe.

AA # is 451684
Barcode # is 6 938710000017

After looking all 3 points I think this are all FAKE postcard printed not by China Post but by some other greedy person.
Barcode should be different for each postcard for inventory, pricing etc.
So I think maker of this postcard don't know how to make FAKE postcard.!!

Think before buying not only GANDHI postcards from China but all postcards from China selling on delcampe.
If any one in China reads this blog please do some research on this and let us know so we can remove FAKE or remove Possible.!! Also there is one ebay seller from China who sells Gandhi stamps from all around the world he needs to look in to this postcards or he might be also FAKE seller from China.

But my personal opinion is Gandhi Postcard from China is not issued by Postal Service of China and I will called it as a FAKE. Until now I was aware of FAKE postmark cancel issued in 1969 & 2009 but now it is Postcard.!! So buyers please do your research before you think to buy this kind of item or any GANDHI philatelic material.

Only good point is that this item is selling under 3-4 US dollars which is a good part on seller. I don't understand why he try to make it looks like officially issued instead of just printing simple postcard of Gandhi if he wants to sell this cheap. I think he might get his asking price even if he did not try to make it official postcard by printing stamp on this postcards. Previous Gandhi FAKE postmark cancel are currently selling for very high price ($99)!!

Not only Gandhi Postcard from China is FAKE but also all postcards(Formula Car, Darwin, Disney Characters.......) from this seller is FAKE.

I am amazed in 18 months of my collection, that what kind of activities collectors and dealers are applying to sell Gandhi Philately material as well as other Philately material. CAN'T TRUST ANY GANDHI PHILATELIC MATERIAL. !!!

Any comments are welcome on this blog post.

Again thanks for reading this blog post and  Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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