Pricing study of Gandhi USED cover - Part 1 ( Gandhi 1970 Mauritius Souvenier Sheet Register Cover )

Hello Gandhi Collectors
As you know I am studying Gandhi stamp pricing, Gandhi FDC pricing and now I started studying about Gandhi USED covers. It looks like pricing is declining in Gandhi collection in each and every catageory whether it is Gandhi Stamp or Gandhi FDC or Gandhi commerically Used Cover etc.

In this blog post I would like to bring your attention about my study on Mauritius Used covers. In April 2009 Mauritius Gandhi Souvenir sheet Register cover was sold for $1.84( 1.24 GBP). I am surprised by the price this cover was sold.

Seller is "theobargain" from UK and buyer is "indiephila" also from UK. Following is the screen shot taken from ebay. My other hobby is to collect this kind of screen shot for future reference for my Gandhi Pricing & Bidding study.

There were 2 bids on this item and one was mine. If I had not bidded on this item than this might have sold only for $1.35(0.99 GBP)

I am not sure why this Register cover only sold for $1.84. Do any one know why?

I have following questions.
1) Is there not enough interest in Gandhi USED covers?
2) Or there is not enough interest only in Mauritus Gandhi Used covers?
3) Is $1.84 is philatelic value of this cover?
4) What was correct postage required for Register cover in 1969/1970?

Also I see lot of Gandhi Register Cover from Mauritus for sale on ebay on regular basis (as if some one got postmark cancel or someone went to Mauritus in 1969 and made it.!!) and try to sell between 30-50$, but no one is buying it. I also see wide variety of postage affixed on this register cover so that's need to be studied in future. Also I don't think Gandhi collection was that famous in 1969 and except some dealers all were not that rich that can afford it to make this kind of covers. Also communication between collector was not that easy and fast like we have it today So I am suprised how this Register cover are popping up for sale on ebay and as well as delcampe.!!

I think $.184 is philatelic value in 2009 for this Mauritius 1970 Register cover because it was sold through open market in auction. This price was low because NO Shill bidding happen in this auction and no other Gandhi Collector or dealer was interested in this cover to buy it so value did not went up. Not sure why Indian dealers are not buying this kind of Mauritius cover to resell it at higher price or they are not averaging there purchase by buying this kind of cover.

This Souvenier Sheet has very good stamps of Gandhi in his different age and other things related to Gandhi. According to me this is one of the best Gandhi sheet printed ever, but still used register cover are not appealing to collectors at all.

Strange are things in Gandhi Used covers as I saw couple of months ago Register cover from Cameroun 1969 with Gandhi stamp sold for $460 (one of the expensive Gandhi used cover) and Mauritus cover is sold under $2. I am not sure why.?

I don't own this kind of Gandhi Mauritius Register Cover and not planning to add in my collection in my life time!!

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  1. This specific cover has been selling on ebay for over 4 years. Collectors who wanted to get their hands on it did it.

    This specific seller made the cover in large quantities which has rendered it worthless. I myself have one of these covers and have paid over $20.00 for it little knowing that it will keep coming one at a time.

    For this price, I think it is a good bargain if you are looking to fill pages or put this as a filler or remove the stamps and keep it as a used sheet. That's what I have done. I wouldn't recommend it for anything else.

    Euro and British Pound have been taking a beating, Stanley Gibbons catalog shows inflated prices, with un-employment close to 10% in USA, the price of collectibles have nowhere else to go but south ....for the time being.



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