"Think Different" Gandhi & Apple.

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

On April 3rd Apple came out with IPAD. You might be wondering what to do with IPAD & Gandhi Philately.!!

"Think Different" was an advertising slogan created for Apple Computer in 1997 . It was used in a famous television commercial & several print & billboard advertisment for Apple products with Images of different famous people around the world including Gandhi, Einstein, Martin Luther King etc. Apple's use of the slogan was discontinued with the start of the Apple Switch ad campaign in 2002.

(image update on 4/28/10 so readers can see 44 cents stamps)

I understand about using images of MLK, Einstein, Dalai Lama, Muhammed Ali (boxer) & others but Gandhi has great power as an icon from 1890- till today and also in future. If you look at him and you think about him than you will really impressed by his thinking "Think Different" who believed in simplicity, calm, rebellion without violence.

When he died, all his belongings -- Bhagavad Gita (Hindu holy book), his toothbrush & khadki cloth, fit inside couple of shoe boxes. Also he has no "WILL" and so no royalty of his books goes to his family members. So Apple Mac, iMac, iPod, iTouch, iPhone, iPad & i......? are simplicity in look.

So on 3rd April I also started "Think Different"and made a event cover during IPAD deputs.

This is a genuine postmark cancel from USPS postoffice with Gandhi stamp on the cover.

I also started thinking other than Gandhi Rubber Stamps.!! "Think Different"
I know this is not a great Gandhi cover or event related to Gandhi, but I think differently.!! Also all things here are genuine such as stamp, postmark cancel and also photo. Photo is used as per APPLE Inc. guidelines with corporate logo of Apple and also mentioned about "Courtsey of Apple Inc" on my envelope(Event Cover). Following is the link for photos and Apple guidelines.

Any comments are welcome. Thanks for reading & start thinking differently like Gandhi.!! Don't think like Apple.!!

Want to see more of this kind of my creation then click following links.

Martin Luther Memorial  Dedication Cover in Washington DC. (coming soon)

Again thanks for reading and  Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

Ketankumar Patel.

Read comment about this cover by clicking following link.


1 comment:

  1. Following is comment some readers wrote about this and other stuff.


    There has been a pictorial example of a German cancellation on a cover (Ketan
    Patel, Campaigns #430 & 431) where he has questioned its authenticity.
    Christian Sperber (Germany, Campaign #432) has correctly expressed that the
    cancellation used seems like a rubber stamp with a valid example (on his
    blog) of cancellation mark through its picture.
    First and foremost, how would a letter bearing a lone Indian stamp for
    postage can get cancelled from a German post office? Thus, finding such a
    fraudulent cover should be ignored as a 'no brainer'. To make this matter
    worse, Patel has gone further to take a shot at Apple Computer's iconic
    campaign of the past, namely, 'Think Different' theme. It's in relation to
    Apple's new iPad release with Patel creating his own US cover (it must be a
    CARD) bearing stamps that should have been worth 43 cents and not adding to
    24 cents for a total he has glued (ironically he has made an issue of the
    value of Indian stamp that was used in his 'Rubber Stamp' criticism) and
    authenticated it by highlighting related USPS cancellation -in the process
    hinting further that 'Apple did not know how large in life Gandhi was' than
    what Apple advertising arm thought of him. I don't know if Patel meant his
    own CREATION (?) of the Gandhi cover a joke or an accomplishment but if he
    may be under an impression that it be considered an example of creativity, I
    can't help but state: his attempt has been laughable and it has zero
    Philatelic value. Moreover, he could have at least glued those nice US
    definitive stamps (including of Mahatma) rather articulately in a STRAIGHT
    LINE before getting them 'hand-cancelled' at his local US post office (which
    normally does not do such favors unless the cover is addressed to someone and
    submitted for mailing but then Indians can accomplish unthinkable when
    creating their own covers and special cancellations to boot). Had he done
    that, a reader like me would have derived some pleasure from the cover's
    decent look, if anything else. I would not have gone out of the way to make
    these remarks -had he not invited reader reaction to his achievement on the
    blog. Also, what he has managed to print on the Gandhi cover makes very
    little sense. Add to that, his formal 'courtesy' mention to Apple while
    criticizing this great company for its 'logo' (?) of the past, claiming Apple
    has not understood the greatness of Mahatma. It reflects shear arrogance on Patel's part. There should be a limit to how far an Indian should go to put
    someone on a high pedestal in relation to a successful corporate entity of a
    different nation that entire world admires for its creative skills and
    promotions. Let's not compare apples and oranges -they both taste great!



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