Gandhi Stamps and Philately material auctioned in August 2012

Hello Gandhi Collector,

As you know that stamp collection is not simple as it use to be when world was very BIG (without internet).!! But with change in selling and buying habit on Internet it's very hard for collectors to know what is going on before they realize that they got cheated by FAKE stamps, FAKE Seller & FAKE price (by shill bidding).

I was cheated in 1948 Nepal Embassy of India cancellation (FAKE cancellation) , 1948 Gandhi stamps used cover(FAKE used cover), 1948 Gandhi FDC(shill bidding), Camerooun Gandhi FDC(shill bidding), Somalia & Yemen Gandhi stamps(shill bidding) and more but that experience taught me what is going on and I did extensive research on this Gandhi Stamps so I am able to share with everyone.!

All of this cheating will hurt you financially and as well as emotionally as you are on your own in this SMALL WORLD (with internet). It's a big puzzle which you need to solve it yourself.!!

You have only 2 options. One to quit your philatelic hobby or Join the club of cheaters and be like them.!!!

There is one more option which I choose, to bring AWARENESS among the collectors (which are also dealers & sellers.!!). This option is very hard to do but I think I can do it and you all can do it to bring some pride in what you collect.!!

I lost all auction I bidded in August.!!!

Either I don't know what is real value of Gandhi stamps and philatelic materials. 


I know what's going on Gandhi Philately and Stamps collection.

It's upto you to decide (why I am not winning.!!) after reading my 200+ blogs on just one topic.!!

Following is screenshot of my bidding activities on eBay auction site on Gandhi Philately material.!!! In August highest price of Gandhi Philately material sold(on which I bidded) was $4550.!!!

ALL INFORMATION IS OPENLY AVAILABLE SO WE ARE NOT TRYING TO DO ANY CHEATING OR VIOLATIONS.!! We just need to use it and protect ourselves as well as others.!!

As all of you know that you can see detail of auction you bidded on .!!

1) Auction id(item #)
2) Start & End date
3) Price (winning bidder price or current highest bidder)
4) Title
5) Higher Bidder (BUYER) ------------> This is the most important part of puzzle(collection).!!!!!
6) Seller.

You need to track buyer and seller in order to succeed your philatelic ambition otherwise you are done.!!!

You need to keep detail of your bidding because you never know when you need it for research. If you don't know how to find it then read my following blog post.

How to find who is buying on eBay ?


If seller wants to hide this info he can do it. Just by listing as private listing by hiding bidders id and also by giving private feedback.!!! ( and I don't bid on private auction and that kind of seller.!!)

It's easy to do everything.!! i.e finding and hiding.!!

Want to know more then please read my following blog post so you will be not on your own.!!

Forgery in Indian Philately as well as 1854 Queen Victoria stamps.
Beware of First Aerial Mail.
King Edward stamp and Gandhi Stamps.!!
Gandhi Stamps and Independence of India. (shameless act by collectors.!!)
A Hobby in Decline.!!

I hope this will help you.!! (buyer and seller.!!)

Ketankumar Patel.

Want to know more then please read my other blog post  to understand what is going on stamp collecting world specially in Indian Philatelic materials.

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