Gandhi 1948 stamps : How to find who is buying Gandhi Stamps and Philatelic material on ebay.!!

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

It's very easy to find on delcampe.net but it's little bit work to find it who is the buyer on ebay.com but it's possible.

This blog will help you why Gandhi Stamp market is hot or how to prevent your self in getting trap.
As all you know that Gandhi Stamp market in last 2-3 months was very very HOT in price but do you think it's real.!!

Recently I got email from one seller (10000+ feedback) and he was asking me did you took ebay's permission or buyer permission to write your research about it.!!

It likes new reporter asking murderer can I write about your murder or bank robber can I write about your robbery.

Now look at following screenshot from BBC News. Did they ask for permission from shill bidder to publish this article and bring awarness among all ebay buyers as well as whole world or did they took permission from ebay to publish their road side sign which can be seen by anyone who drives or walk around their building.

READ MORE @ http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/8632357.stm

I don't think so BBC did that.

I was really surprised why in the world "Seller" cares!!  because he/she don't care why buyer name is published unless he is doing something illegal!!

I replied him that it's very easy to find buyer. I also told him that I am using all publicly available information on internet, same way a news media like newspaper, TV news etc get their information. (If there was a bank robbery then news reporter don't need to get robber's or bank's permission to print it.!!) There job is to make AWARE of things going in this world.

You don't need to hack ebay's servers or snoop ebay's network or crack buyer/seller password to find out who is buyer on ebay. I told him do following and you will see who is buying it after auction is ended.!!

1) Bid on Gandhi items if you think it will be intersting. (bid  minimum amount only one time)
2) Now after end of auction go to ebay advance search and find with "By Bidder" and type your "ebay id" and check mark "include completed listing (last 30 days)

You will find all the winning bid on your losing item.!!! Click following link to check it out.


I also told him that there are other ways to find out who is winning by using ebay feedback which seller/buyer evaluate their buying experience.

Following is partly screenshot of my own losing item(no regret), sorted by price. Mostly all of them are 1948 Gandhi stamps from India.


I bidded on all of the above item, as well as all other I wrote on the blog and Lost.!! ( I have very big database of above kind of screen shot.!!)

Don't you think it's simple to find buyer. I hope you all will start doing this yourself. (DIY) so I don't have to do it.!!!

If you want to dig more what that buyer is purchasing then search that buyer as bidder and you will find all about his bids.

I also mentioned him that ebay tried to hide id because there were lot of private transaction with other bidder and they stopped that as there is no other way to find out who are other bidders. But  because of this lot of seller started Shill bidding on their own item.!! Ebay is working very very hard to find this and prevent this.

I also mentioned that other auction site like delcampe.net don't try to hide out buyer as well as other bidders name.!! So why to worry about buyer name and enjoy the buyer's money.!!

Did you notice that why you don't see expensive item on delcampe.!! (because seller cannot hide activity if any illegal.!!)

I also showed him how to prevent from buyer identitied if he don't want to show who is buying it by listing item as private bidders and also make sure private feedback and he agreed with that it's not a big deal to find who is buyer.!!

But my assumption about high feeback seller is also wrong!! Initially I was thinking that higher feedback  seller don't cheat but that's not the case so BEWARE!!

And for buyer it is proud that they won this auction and did something great for a "Great Soul" Mahatma Gandhi like Vijay Mallaya bringing Gandhiji's glasses back to the country.!!

Following is screenshot from TOI. Did TOI took permission of Vijay Mallya!! or even auction house to make AWARE about who is buyer.!!

After all my explanation seller agreed with me and told me it's very easy to find out buyer's name!!!

Do you think this will help you in future to track what is going?

Do you think this will help you in your other thematic collection also.?

I think so.!!

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